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These massive pictures are taking the piss. I have my own monthly bandwidth limit to think about so am backing out of this stupid thread now.


For the benefit of everyone else I'm going to upload huge photos to every thread from now on.



That would be a medal well earned Mutley... :D

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I drove Port Erin to Ramsey at 7am and back this afternoon.... no problems. Blew the dust off the 4x4 knob on the dashboard and didn't drive like a twat - unlike the few 4x4 drivers I did see who seem to think that 4x4 makes the car crash resistant.

I saw a Landrover crawling along and getting stuck, but followed a girl in a small hatchback who did just fine on the really bad roads.

Its all down to confidence and knowing your own ability.


What utter shit. Hero.


why does anyone get told there full of shit or talking shit if they say thay managed to drive round 2day with no problems

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It's still a Mr. E to me.


Is that a government company car then ? :)


I have heard down the pub tha t four our five Police vehicles have been trashed over the last few days , the schoolgirl officers are being chaufored around ;)

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Can someone post if the buses are running and the schools are open today ( Wednesday ) as soon as they hear anything please.

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