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Apple Store For Douglas Or Just More Pc Hear Say?

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If you're arguing about the exact meaning of 'closed platform' then ignore that term. The Google branded OS - the version which will be allowed to be called Chrome, the one which will come pre installed on the £99 machines they will be selling in Tesco will specifically only be designed to run on agreed hardware.


They seem to be setting sensible boundaries. The end users will almost certainly get a better experience since the core OS and all future updates and fixes can then be tested on every configuration for which is has been specifically designed. It keeps everything in one place - all your code comes down via one channel. No more looking for drivers for some specific card etc.


The fact that the code is open source and can be played with and changed is a different issue.


Meanwhile there is no reason to believe that Google will not sooner or later decide to put together their own device - same as they've now done with Android. Even if they say otherwise for now.


* in terms of your Apple analogy it would be as if Apple said you can all install our OS provided the machine you sell is exactly like this.

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Don't see the point. Keigs and M&S sold Apple products at the same price as Apple stores across, but without the arrogant attitude of typical Apple store staff.


Still, it'll be a good place for ignorant bellends to hang out, not too dissimilar to the purpose of the previous business at that address :)

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I've always found Apple staff very pleasant and helpful, not sure quite how they will manage to find staff that matches Apple's general high standards but I'm sure it will be fine.


If you don't like Apple products then fine no one is forcing you to shop there, no ones forcing you to buy their products. I personally like the build quality of their laptops and the OS, but its an opinion. If you don't like Apple then fine grow up and move on.

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Well, I was hoping the rumour maybe true. It appears that Keigs is running down its Apple stocks as its a re-seller and not a full blown seller and therefore hardly making anything on selling them & M&S does not seem to stock Macs anymore. Does Douglas or the island need an Apple Store? Only time will tell. Love or hate Apple, you don't have to go in, you don't have to buy. Walk on the other side of the street if you must, but I bet nearly everybody would go in at least once just to look, its human nature.


Regardless of what people think of Apple products or whether its an open or closed OS or the price of the laptops etc, I have had several trouble free years with my Macs. It starts up in a flash, does it exactly I want it to do and closes down in a blink of an eye. I don't have to really worry about bugs, viruses and other frustrating problems associated with Windows based products. In fact, for peace of mind, trouble free computing day after day Apple is a winner every time and well worth the cost in my opinion.


I'm a Mac !

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Do people actually buy stuff in Apple stores?


Every one I have been in has just been full of people (myself included) using the free internet


I actually bought my Macbook in the liverpool store, only because I get my stupidly generous student discount though.


But some insider information suggests there is a very strong chance I won't need to travel to Liverpool to use my discount any more.

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