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Rasoi Indian restaurant in Port St Mary is hard to beat especially as it's only down the road from me!


Being a southerner as well I regularly use Rasoi who are very good. I go to Taste of India as a treat as it is so much better. Anyone who hasn't tried their prawn puri hasn't lived!!

although the jars of Pataks I noticed in there weren't that encouraging. Not that I'm saying they use it of course.

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They still going....tried phone number tonight....not available!



Sadly no. Last Saturday was the last night. It was something we tried because Rumen who works with us in the sandwich bar was totally passionate about pizza and told me that given the chance he believed he could make the best pizzas on the Isle of Man. We gave him the chance and I believe he suceeded. Unfortunately as a business whilst it was making a profit, it was not making sufficient profit to justify the time and effort put into it. Thanks to everyone who tried our pizzas. I hope you enjoyed them.


Darryl Williams

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Oh noooooooo, I feel really guilty as we were having "one" every weekend (yeh the pizza guy knew our order from our name!) but decided we were going to try and "be good" for a while and now it's closed - you must have missed our custom!! :( If it's any consolation, we turned many a friend to the Appetito's side as "once tasted, you would never go back" it definitely was the best pizza on the Island. Sorry to see it go but understand why you would have to from a business point of view. :( :( A double sad smiley is a sad day indeed!

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Another problem is most people wouldn't know a good pizza if it slapped them around their face. The wife got one from a popular outfit on the prom last weekend and it was bloody awful. Been in the car far too long, so was a wet greasy mess. The chips were ruined too, just horrible, total waste of money.

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Another problem is most people wouldn't know a good pizza if it slapped them around their face.



Well I think most people know what they like whether it fits within someone elses definition of "good" or not. One mans meat etc etc


However always sorry to see an outlet fail.


I am from a generation when Home Run were the first and only pizza delivery place on the island. What a revelation that was!


Unfortunately the market seems somewhat saturated now.

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A couple of weeks ago I spent all day telling a friend how good the pizzas were, only to find out they were closed when we went to go and get one in the evening.


RIP they were truly the best by a considerable margin.

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Saw today a poster in the window of Appetites saying that they were gonna be doing pizza again.

Anyone know if its gonna be the same dude who did them before (Rumen I think mentioned in the thread)?

They were amazing an I will be truly amped if they are doing them again.

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