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Must say wet tracks, lots of cars colliding, crashing and skidding off the circuit is the only thing that seems to make F1 interesting these days. At least it forces pit stops now that refuelling has gone. Maybe there should be a compulsory sprinkler system around all tracks just in case it doesn't rain?

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Fresh from his P1 in Friday practice, Hamilton was stopped by local police for performing stuntsin his loaned Mercedes road car.


The car was impounded for 48 hours while Hamilton is expected to be charged with improper use of a vehicle.


The Brit later apologised for his antics but that hasn't stopped Minister Tim Pallas from having a dig at the McLaren driver on the day that Victoria launched a 'Don't Be a D**khead' road safety campaign.


Asked whether Lewis Hamilton met that description, he told the BBC: "Okay, I'll say it. He's a d**khead."


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Actually, I think it should be compulsory for at least one car to be fitted with a device that blows the front two wheels off in each race. And should they be a boring twat, a telephone vote should decide their fate.......


It would add a bit of spice.

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I'm a big Jenson Button fan and was sad to see his strategy in Korea fall apart - and with it his chance of retaining the championship.


Were I in his position now, I'd ask the whole team to swing behind Lewis who has a (statistically) much better chance of clinching it. Then if The Ham wins it, he'll always be beholden to his team mate and JB will have a significant favour in the bank.

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If.....in Abu Dhabi this weekend,


Vettel wins

Webber 2nd

Alonso 5th


They all end up on 256 points.



Vettel will have won 5 races

Alonso will have won 5 races

Webber will have won 4 races


Vettel has 2 2nds

Alonso has 2 2nds


Vettel has 3 3rds

Alonso has 3 3rds


Do they keep counting back until a winner is reached?

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Yeah, they keep counting back so if the race ended how you mentioned, Vettel would be champion because he has three 4th place finishes and Alonso only has two. The wikipedia page for Abu Dhabi 2010 has all the possible results and ways each driver can win the drivers chsmpionship and as it stands Alonso has mutliple ways of winning and probably the most likely, though I'm still rooting for Webber myself.

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