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Sara Killey Memorial Walk 2010

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Can i interest anyone in doing this walk this year?


GREAT training for those of you who are doing the Parish. It takes place on the 25th of April, over 30 miles, from Peel Fire Station to Ramsey Fire Station.


For more information, and to print out a Registration form, head to www.iomfire.com and click on Sara Killey Memorial Walk 2010.




Sophie x


-Sorry, i posted this in Local Events aswell!

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Thanks would love to take part, sorry to ask but who is Sara Killey? is there a website dedicated to her, sorry i may have been living off Island at the time. :huh:


Hi Daisy Chain,


Well, Sara worked for the Fire Service, she was well loved within the whole fire service and was also married to a fire man. Unfortunately she passed away from a long suffering illness, and really, as a mark of respect for her great work within the fire service, they named the walk the Sara Killey memorial walk.


Aswell as that, she was my mum so i am trying to get as many people as i can to do the walk this year. It's a great walk.


Sophie x

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I finished it last year and I was hoping to take part again this year as preparation for the Parish but alas I'm moving house 10 days before and I just have so much to do I wont be able to train for it.


Good luck to all who enter though, it's a great event.

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