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Manx Wow Guild Ideas

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Ok so the Manx guild is now formed on Frostwhisper (Alliance side).


If you want an invite just do a /who manx and whisper someone from the guild. Everyone from here is more than welcome.

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if you mixed WoW and Manx you could call yourselves Wanx

Oh go on then, my friend mentioned this to me yesterday, I'm rubbish and have no idea about things like hit rating, spell power and all that stuff, but I'll be something innocuous like a mage, ranged

I'm enjoying WoW at the moment, but when not raiding i'm firmly rooted in the auction house. Very close to hitting the gold cap again, this will be the second time on my second server. Average about

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I've started a dwarf priest called Brollagh, you can never have too many healers available in a guild!


Blizzard have made the start of the game MASSIVELY more forgiving for casters, your spells use a much lower percentage of your overall mana per cast, and the regen out of combat is massively fast.


It basically means you never have to drink whilst questing and hardly ever go OOM when fighting.


The mana regen and mana costs even out back to what they used to be by Level 30 (IIRC), but it makes the early game when you're low on spells and abilities an absolutely dream compared to what it used to be like.


My priest is currently cutting through Coldridge Valley as fast (if not faster!) than my hunter did yesterday.


This means priests, mages and druids in particular are all much nicer classes to level with, warlocks benefit too but they were already overpowered :D


(It's actually all spells for all classes, but of course casters benefit most.)

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Some inconsiderate bastards have made "Bozz" and "Bozzley" already on that server (and "Bosley" too! Damn you Tee!). So in the spirit of naming characters after Manx things I've made a dwarf hunter called "Comeover". See you soon.

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I do declare the guild 'Manx' open for business - http://www.manxwow.com


If you would like to join then please create a character on Frostwhisper alliance side and do a /who manx and whisper for an invite. Just explain you saw this post on Manx Forums.



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Some early Hogger-area shenanigans.


Shaping up to be a nice little guild IMO - and kudos to Shill for excellent work on the website and getting the guild stuff sorted on the server.


TS server (15-slot, can be expanded if needs be) is now set up as well - details will be on the manxwow website in due course.


RFC or Deadmines up first instance-wise (thanks to the dungeon finder Alliance can do RFC now), would be nice this weekend but realistically some time next week I reckon as none of us is higher than 10 yet.


Not seen any PvP action yet as we're not out of the starter zones, but just having a nice cosy little Manx/MF guild has given the game a new lease of life all by itself for me :)


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No idea if this is of interest to anyone, but a few of us at work have been having a look at Lord of Ultima. It's a browser-based version of Ultima Online (if you can remember that far back!?). We're on World 4 (Europe), Alliance called "Manx Marauders". All welcome to join.



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Well the guild has really taken off, we have about 15 active players and around 29 characters all told.


We are planning our first social event tomorrow night with a trip to the lower level dungeons Dead Mines and Ragefire Chasm. Screenshots and a description of the event will be posted on our website - http://www.manxwow.com


If you are a WoW player and fancy a new challenge playing with local folks then give us a shout either in game or on our website.


We are playing on the alliance side on the realm of Frostwhisper. Just do a /who manx and one of us will get you an invite. Best times are after 7pm.

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Oh go on then, my friend mentioned this to me yesterday, I'm rubbish and have no idea about things like hit rating, spell power and all that stuff, but I'll be something innocuous like a mage, ranged DPS ftw.


Ho hum, never been a druid before, so Beeoelform it is. FFS preeeeest heel me heel me heel me, tank get aggro ffs ffss noob lol. I quite like wow.

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Van Cleef, shortly before the Manx pwned his sorry ass big style - Deadmines completed!


Great first guild run, technically we were a bit low-level for it, (started out with three 16s, a 17 and a 19, although there was dingage in there), but we got through with just one wipe. Had some nasty pulls throughout - (humanoids run at low health and bring their friends back) - and I think we all thought a wipe was on the cards on several occasions, but good group play saw us through. (And if I'm honest, as healer I was bailed out more than once by Barrule and Ellan :D)


Quite a few folks on too, nearly had enough to get two 5-mans started but not quite.


Good stuff all round really :)


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Might be worth advertising the guild to the following groups on Facebook. The idea of an Isle of Man based guild has floated around previously but alot of WoW players are on hiatus till cataclysm now I think.


World Of Warcraft (Isle of man)..but we still have a life..kinda ;)



Manx Video Game Fans


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