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Broadband! Mt Vs Sure

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surrender MT your the death star is dieing.. you.ve cooked 2 meny golden eggs MT .

you killed the goose Mr MT. any ways ya know all you rich BuGgERS HIGH up in the isle of man g0v.(can you tell them your friends)The thing that attracted tourists to the island was the peace and quiet. But with all greedy developers.you have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. any body know if any of are mhk's or g0v . who has shares in any company's to do with MT?mea?mr? lma0 & if any of are mhks can help me with getting planing permission. i have a sutecase getting mouldy.

if it helps..with the planing permission


couldn't agree more :blink:

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In the olden days there used to be loads of this stuff, and often someone there to do a bit of baiting to keep it going.


Even better if the poster was still sucking on a bottle of red, you could almost watch them collapse over the keyboard after an hour or so of rant.


Happy days.

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So are Sure providing their own infrastructure? If not they will only be able to offer similar pricing to what is already available.


Looking at their Jersey Broadband offering I doubt Wi-Manx or MT will have much to worry about.

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Phoned MT yesterday afternoon for a free upgrade and its been upgraded today WOW and no contract to renew,nTest = 14.13/.701


All done over the phone ,good service MT

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