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Manxonline is no more

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Nothing at all to do with the Mannin Line thread - so don't worry!


But I've spoken to Slim (it's a valid news story after all!) and discovered that it's NOTHING to do with Springfield, Government or Big Brother, it's simply a private individual who has complained about posts a few times.


Slim told me that while he wasn't worried about the complaints, he could do without the hassle involved in what is, frankly, just a hobby.


Great shame though - I was enjoying the banter there... long may it continue here!



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It is a real shame that Manx Online has gone, this forum code is top though and if everyone finds it lets hope the community spirit continues! Best of luck Uni :)

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Hello peeps!


(Can't shake me off that easy eh????)


Nice to see some familiar faces in here - I feel like I've had my umbilical cord cut all over again (twitchin' and everything.. yikes)


Now I can relax again(ish)

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Unisol - If you want a moderator for the Writer's Section I would be happy to do it.


I think we were begining to build up a nice little community in that section on Manx Online and I would like to continue that here.

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I only had the problems section, which was never problematic - if you require any assistance at all I am happy to help.

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If anyone wants any (obviously non-contentious) posts or threads off the manxnet forum, I'm happy to retreive them so you can repost them here, contact me on slim@slims.co.uk.


I want nothing more than to continue the commuity here. However I think we may well be in danger of history repeating itself (twice in a row). I think there's only two ways to operate a local discussion group that's successful enough to attact wide attention:


1. Fully moderate it 24/7

2. Keep it completely anon, including the host, the registrar, the owner and the administrators


This forum doesn't do either of those things. I'm not sure what Uni's tollerance to people taking action against what's said about them on a forum is, but I'm sure Sarah and Gary know what I'm talking about in that it's not as easy as it looks. I thought more moderation and swift action of complaints was the answer, I was wrong.


In a way, I'd prefer it if this forum wasn't as successful as manx.net or manxonline. I'd rather keep it to the few of us that regularly chat on the forums and have good discussions that are unlikely to upset people. It's the success and exposure that brings the problems though, and the contentious issues that bring the visitors.


Thanks again to everyone who made the forum great. I hope this one can be even better. I fear though that we may just make the same mistakes over and over again..

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Hello all.

Having just done a tour of the other fourms this place feels most like home, good job I saved the various addresses that were going around when manxnet closed.

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Thanks for the offer Re. the threads. I had been following with interest all the information on VPN's/routers etc and there had been some really informative posts by Concrete that I assumed I'd be able to study and absorb at my leisure... oh the hindsight eh?


But you can't transfer my Obs Fan Club!! Yeah, ok so it had a one person membership but hey, I'd never had one before... sigh..


I think Ariels local links thread would be a good one to copy over if you can too.

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He contributed to a few of the technical ones and I would hang on every word, so if you have a look through those I'd appreciate it.



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