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It's divisive, that's what it is. The question of racism now seems to be more about the division between us rather than the inclusivity of us. It worries me.  

The very first thought in my mind when I saw that picture was obesity. Whatever colour you are, there are few excuses for that.

Don’t think it’s racist to post the image, but I’d argue that the topic that they’re talking about is.  Any phrase that starts “All white people are...” is by definition stereotyping according to skin

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Scary seeing all the science denial going on in the world, evolution, climate change, conspiracy theorists even flat earthers.


I'd book myself on the first flight to a moon or martian colony, if i could afford it, a colony on another planet would have to be science embracing right?


Knowing my luck i'd end up wherever the fundamentals travel to to restart their religions, like the pilgrims heading for America.

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Oh, I don't know. If people meekly accepted the wisdom handed down by "the wise ones" we'd still be in thrall to the church and thinking that the universe rovolved around the Earth. Scepticism is healthy. Particularly when some of the science is driven by massive vested interests.

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I was informed midby my daughter over the weekend that the lyrics of taylor swift's "blank space" song  contain the line "got a long list of ex lovers" rather than the "god bless starbucks lovers" that i had always sung previously to that point. I didn't believe her, but she is right,  

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2 minutes ago, quilp said:

Age, and er, wax?

That's nothin. That Steve Winwood song where he sings, "Bring me a higher love!", I used to think he was singing, "Bake me a higher loaf!"

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