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5 hours ago, quilp said:

That's nothin. That Steve Winwood song where he sings, "Bring me a higher love!", I used to think he was singing, "Bake me a higher loaf!"

I've always liked the Phil Collins song, "She seems to have an invisible todger." Hits the spot with me, anyhow.

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It's divisive, that's what it is. The question of racism now seems to be more about the division between us rather than the inclusivity of us. It worries me.  

The very first thought in my mind when I saw that picture was obesity. Whatever colour you are, there are few excuses for that.

Don’t think it’s racist to post the image, but I’d argue that the topic that they’re talking about is.  Any phrase that starts “All white people are...” is by definition stereotyping according to skin

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This sort of algorithm will, in a few years, be available to basically anyone - Youtubers will be able to animate as well as Pixar did in the 1990s.

Just awesome!

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Goodness - you can get the results shown in the video below with just a web cam and some Youtube footage of your target.

Trusting anything you see on the internet is basically impossible now.


More info: here

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Yes, I'm sure your god Google will bring up lots of results where I could spend literally months reading through real and fake stories.

I'd like to know what Chinahand, the island's very own Bill Nye the Science Guy, makes of it. I'm also interested in Chinahand's thoughts, as someone who has variously described himself as a conservative or "classical liberal", on Bill Nye's recent controversy surrounding gender roles.

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6 minutes ago, mojomonkey said:

Fair enough, personally I go for the total coincidence option. The invention of the metre and longitude & latitude is much later than the Egyptians building their pyramids.

Exactly.  Both the metre and the second are arbitrarily defined units, as is the degree.  If the figures worked in terms of units derived from the Planck constant and the gravitational constant, and radians for the geometry, then TJ you'd be on to something!

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So the bottom line answer here is that yes it is true but it's all a big random coincidence because you subscribe to current Egyptology (and ancient history in general) which is long overdue a complete paradigm shift because it's completely wrong - e.g. the dating of the Sphinx. The ancient peoples of the world were a lot smarter, a lot earlier, than people think.

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Even if ancient history is wrong (no idea where you're getting that one from) no one could deny that the invention of the metre and the system of measuring longitude and latitude is much more recent. Did whoever built the pyramids use the metric system?

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