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Victoria Road School / Canada Life

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Today’s parchment of thought and diatribe takes us to the parking/lack off, road rage fuelled bubblegum rally & for pedestrians, just general good fortune and luck, that is Victoria Road School.


Forgive me for being nostalgic, but I remember not too long ago, when I would walk to school the road would be nose to tail with cars along the length of the silver burn river. I also remember when I would walk to school having woke up late and find that not only had the lollypop man thrown the towel in and left but all the cars had gone!!! Clearly all of those cars were parents dropping off however it was also a fairly heavily publicised ruling by the school that no cars would be allowed to drive up towards Smetana close to drop off due to this being dangerous for the melee of children aimlessly waddling towards school.


Which brings us to present day, walking the girls to school brings with it panic, impatience, selfishness and that’s just the parents in their panzer Land-rovers and chieftain Subaru’s that happen to be late for work and without the time to indulge in any sort of coffee ritual to make them even half aware when ploughing their way through the morning traffic they firmly believe that their child will get to school quicker if they get as close to the school as possible. This format, which happens on a regular basis, if not daily is then met with furious outrage from parent number 1 who has managed to park up in the golden slot because parent number 2,3 & 4 have had the same idea and are now directly inhaling the exhaust fumes from number 1 who is revving their bad boy in a menacing fashion to indicate that they want out!!!! General advice from the outside looking in is that Clio and mini owners seem to navigate this problem in one turn and if Chelsea tractors make normal people seem like idiots the look on their faces at 8:56am when they realise that they aren’t going to be moving for a while is priceless. It’s at this point when I like to make eye contact with hostile tank driver and either click my heels together or skip a little!


So where am I going with this??? Well firstly, although the temperament of this gauntlet is at best fierce, I don’t entirely blame those that end up doubling the residency of Smetana close because the previous years parking allocation is now full, packed, sardined, nose to tail (and at last count 40 cars, 65 including the other side of the road) with ……altogether now….Canada life‘s car pool!


Yes, those little beavers in their hutch, typing, photo-copying, putting people on hold and enjoying the fact that when their factory hooter sounds at 5pm they only have to amble less than 50yards to the comfort of their vehicle safe in the knowledge that their space is safe, as they arrive before the frantic school parents and leave after the wake of chaos has died down.


This only really started happening when the Viking and the Sidings decided not to allow them to park in their designated areas, which is fair I suppose even if their designated area was a public road and really is quite the same as Victoria Roads’ newly adopted one way system between the hours of 9 till 5 but the question that irks me is whether the govt/commissioners/d.o.t are suggesting that parking should DEFINITELY be available outside public houses (which is a different take on an oxymoron) and schools are not entitled to restricted zones for parents for no more than 15minutes a day?!?! Confused?

The staff around the corner who sometimes, due to being human, turn up for work late can sometimes be seen exiting their tightly boxed in vehicles furious that the whole road has been taken up by fellow workers and have now taken to using a quarter of the restricted area entitled to the lollypop robot! IS NOTHING GOD DAMN SACRED???!!!


So over to you!!! Surely there must be some parents out there that are aggrieved about this situation even if it’s the wrangle that you can’t park your tank properly out the back of the school, maybe it’s the one-way road system that is now a bus drivers nightmare, maybe it’s a worry that when your child attends an after school club, and the lolly popping device has left therefore they have to cross the road amid the myriad of bonnets, mirrors and poor visibility!

I’ll find something else to moan about next week but in the mean time please discuss and comment.

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First point is the Viking and Sidings have no right to stop parking, they do not have designated spaces, those spaces are public parking not just for the pub. As for Victoria Rd, when did the traffic order come in place for this one way system. On a final note things would work better if parents parked a distance away and taught their precious little dears how to use their legs like many of us used to.

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Good post and will be appreciated by those who are involved in this shambles each day.

However that is Victoria Road. On the other side [seaward side] the same applies. Douglas Street, all the way along from the former coast guard station to the former nurses home is chock-a-block, and as for the beleagered residents of Pickard Close they must be demented with chelsea tractors parked outside their house and blocking them in.

Whilst I accept that infants and younger children must be accompanied surely older children can find their own way to school, the town isnt that big.

When I was a young fella..........

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Easiest solution would be what they do in London, Make the area surrounding half a mile from all schools a no parking or waiting zone for one hour before school and forty minutes before and after school finish time for anyone bar residents and trade permit holders, then ensure you put a couple of traffic wardens on duty to impose fines without exception, it will soon stop them. As for why infants and younger children can't walk there is no answer, many here will remember walking more than half a mile to their primary school, it will give them exercise and teach them the car is not the only means of getting somewhere.

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I remember when Canada Life initially asked for planning permission to build the new premises. There was some concern that the workers would have nowhere to park and they would start using surrounding area's including the side of the Silverburn River. Planning permission was granted when they said that they had ample parking under and around the building and there would be no need for them to park anywhere else.

I had awful trouble trying to stop them parking both sides of the lane along the Silverburn and even in front of private garages at the back of Victoria Road. One car backed into my blind husband as he came from the park. I got nowhere complaining to Canada Life and was in fact told to call the police or a traffic warden if I had a problem as I had no right to stop them parking along the river. Emergency services couldn't get through if required either. One day I was half an hour late for work as the double parking had made it impossible to get my car through.

The problem seems to be resolved now with very few cars parking there these days. I think it could have been the seagulls and pigeons that persuaded them it wasn't a good place to park.

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