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Learner drivers were skidding to a halt on dominos pizza boxes before it opened, and failing their test because of it werent they dan, your m8 was one of them wasnt he.??

You do tell a few porkies tho dont you.


Still obsessing about learner drivers?


Good to see you've taken a moment out from the KKK movement and your hatred of blacks.


Before you make an allegation like that, make sure you can back it up with a direct quote, i do not differentiate between idiots by the colour of their skin.


Shouldn't be too hard:



I got banned for saying this on an american forum,but fuck it, the white invasion of africa and their enslavery of black africans was a disgrace.

But if the whites had ignored africa and just left them to themselves, the fuckers would still be running around with spears all day, going through bouts of famine and disease even now, as they are brain dead, even the ones in siuts are a bad fucking joke.The white africans cannot be judged to harshly on their views on the black african as they have generations of experience of them.


It appears, or the impression gained is that black africans dont really want change, they prefer the spear to the keyboard/pen.

Even in britan and america they revert back to type and become gang members committing murder and robberies without one iota of remorse, ofcourse there are exceptions as in any other race.




..they are extremely poorly educated, even the ones in siuts ARE thick as horseshit, its not debatable, you only have to use your eyes and ears when they talk publically.

I couldnt give a flying fuck whether you think i am racist or not, i am truthful end of.

DJDan - do you honestly give a flying f*ck what Manksman thinks, seriously? If it is trolling then it isn't worth paying attention to or if those thoughts on race are genuinely held then you recognise him for the scum that he is. But I wouldn't let it bother you. Those opinions cannot be taken seriously, you don't have to challenge them.



1 Hong Kong 107

2 South Korea 106

3 Japan 105

4 Taiwan 104

5 Singapore 103

6 Austria 102

6 Germany 102

6 Italy 102

6 Netherlands 102

10 Sweden 101

10 Switzerland 101

12 Belgium 100

12 China 100

12 New Zealand 100

12 United Kingdom 100

16 Hungary 99

16 Poland 99

16 Spain 99

19 Australia 98

19 Denmark 98

19 France 98

19 Mongolia 98

19 Norway 98

19 United States 98

25 Canada 97

25 Czech Republic 97

25 Finland 97

28 Argentina 96

28 Russia 96

28 Slovakia 96

28 Uruguay 96

32 Portugal 95

32 Slovenia 95

34 Israel 94

34 Romania 94

36 Bulgaria 93

36 Ireland 93

36 Greece 93

39 Malaysia 92

40 Thailand 91

41 Croatia 90

41 Peru 90

41 Turkey 90

44 Colombia 89

44 Indonesia 89

44 Suriname 89

47 Brazil 87

47 Iraq 87

47 Mexico 87

47 Samoa 87

47 Tonga 87

52 Lebanon 86

52 Philippines 86

54 Cuba 85

54 Morocco 85

56 Fiji 84

56 Iran 84

56 Marshall Islands 84

56 Puerto Rico 84

60 Egypt 83

60 Saudi Arabia 83

60 United Arab Emirates 83

61 India 81

62 Ecuador 80

63 Guatemala 79

64 Barbados 78

64 Nepal 78

64 Qatar 78

67 Zambia 77

68 Congo 73

68 Uganda 73

70 Jamaica 72

70 Kenya 72

70 South Africa 72

70 Sudan 72

70 Tanzania 72

75 Ghana 71

76 Nigeria 67

77 Guinea 66

77 Zimbabwe 66

79 Democratic Republic of the Congo 65

80 Sierra Leone 64

81 Ethiopia 63

82 Equatorial Guinea 59


As stated thick as horseshit.




The weakest San-speakers befell the worst fate of near-genocide. Like wild game, they were often shot on sight by special raiding parties who claimed they were habitual cattle thieves. In the early twenty-first century only about thirty thousand San people survive in the whole of Southern Africa, mainly in neighboring Botswana and Namibia, where they are still treated as second-class citizens in state parks or reservations.


Murder and corruption by the siuted and booted brigade as stated.



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particularly Dominos tuna and anchovy



Who doesn't though?


Jebus loves Tuna and anchovy. Jebus particularly loved the Tuna and Anchovy pizza from the Pizza spot in Parliament Street Ramsey circa 1990.


D'oh! What was it called and what was the name of the Egyptian bloke that ran it. I've yet to taste pizza as good as his. Or was that 'cos we always had one after Nightlife had shut for the night?

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Create a new thread please guys.


This thread is about pizza - not testosterone.


Thanks x


Absolutely so. However, as is typical, I make a comment (in this case about Dominos) and it gets twisted and attacked because of religious belief.


Having defended that position, I can happily delete comments - and others can do the same.

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*Quiet cough at the back of the room*


I have to back DJDan up on the Dominoes' box as I saw one by the Cooil Roundabout a couple of weeks before they opened which I thought was odd and then later learnt that they were opening. It could have been cast out of the window of a visiting car, it could have been flown over by albatrosses, who knows? But he is right you know.

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Has anyone got the balls to start a thread about a gay, black, stupid, Domino's pizza bike delivery girl ?


If so, I have my chair pulled ready ! ...




Oh that's it ignore the one legged one you disableist rolleyes.gif

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The second largest gannet colony in the UK is on the Ailsa Craig which lies between here and Glasgow


Gannets from there come here daily


Gannets love pizza, particularly Dominos tuna and anchovy


There are loads of Dominos in Scotland


Mystery solved


African gannets or european gannets? Remember that the euro gannet can't maintain forward airspeed velocity while carrying a pizza box etc etc etc :D

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Has he gone has he.


No that wasn't his name - fairly sure it Mohammed but not 100% sure.




Ahmed. Top bloke and top pizza. When pizza man shut down, he opened a trinket shop where the old Crellins Bakery shop used to be. IIRC he was fined a stupid amount for selling fake rolex watches in what must have been one of the most pointless prosecutions I can ever recall.



His rolexs were being flogged for £3.99 or something daft like that and they were never really any threat to the brand. The fine was around £15k which was IMHO totally disproportionate.


Ooops, a little off topic there. Apologies to the OP. :D

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