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Was just watching lunchtime chat show 'Loose Women' (sad, I know!) and they're talking about phobias. One of the presenters has a phobia of............WALNUTS!?!

What phobias have you got? Anything to beat walnuts in the strange phobia stakes???

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Sandwiches made by anyone but me or my mother make me nauseus and dizzy. It's actually buttered bread that's the problem. Even if I buy a sausage bap in a shop on a Saturday morning to cure a hangover, I have to ask for the bap to be unbuttered.


Not even sure if that counts as a phobia does it?

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Clowns!!!  Can't stand them, something sinister about every single one of them.


I didn't think that there was anything sinister about me!


The only phobia that I have is Cacophobia, I usually suffer from this first thing in the morning and it usually happens in the bathroom when I'm alone!



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I cannot lick wooden ice lolly sticks - goes right through me. Not really a phobia as such.


I used to have the traditional bee/wasp phobia until I spent a year in Australia and experienced mega bugs..... bees and wasps now?? Pah!

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