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Reccommend A Good Fantasy Author

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George R R Martin, provided your happy embarking on a series that hasn't been concluded yet.


Perhaps try some Neil Gaiman or some Michael Moorcock?


I believe his Song of Ice and Fire series is to be turned into a TV series, even though it ain't finished yet.

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The Eternal Champion saga by Michael Moorcock is one of the best fantasy series ever written. Elric of Melnibone is probably the greatest anti hero in fiction. The character and his sword have been ripped off many a time including:- Soul Edge from Soul Calibur, The Lich King from World of Warcraft (sword AND character!), The Soul Reaver from Legacy of Kain) and many others. Elric's sword Stormbringer is wonderful to read about and you can't wait for him to draw it just to read about the carnage that will follow.


Give it a try, i think you would love it.



Oh, whilst i'm here, i started to collect "The Fantasy Masterworks Collection"


It's apparently the fifty greatest fantasy novels ever written.


I'll post the list below for you. I buy most of them off Amazon marketplace. Sorry for the poor formatting....


Number Title Author

1 The Book of the New Sun, Volume 1: Shadow and Claw -Gene Wolfe

2 Time and the Gods -Lord Dunsany

3 The Worm Ouroboros -E.R. Eddison

4 Tales of the Dying Earth -Jack Vance

5 Little, Big -John Crowley

6 The Chronicles of Amber -Roger Zelazny

7 Viriconium -M. John Harrison

8 The Conan Chronicles, Volume 1: The People of the Black Circle -Robert E. Howard

9 The Land of Laughs -Jonathan Carroll

10 The Compleat Enchanter: The Magical Misadventures of Harold Shea -L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt

11 Lud-in-the-Mist -Hope Mirrlees

12 The Book of the New Sun, Volume 2: Sword and Citadel -Gene Wolfe

13 Fevre Dream -George R. R. Martin

14 Beauty -Sheri S. Tepper

15 The King of Elfland's Daughter -Lord Dunsany

16 The Conan Chronicles, Volume 2: The Hour of the Dragon -Robert E. Howard

17 Elric of Melnibone -Michael Moorcock

18 The First Book of Lankhmar -Fritz Leiber

19 Riddle-Master -Patricia A. McKillip

20 Time and Again -Jack Finney

21 Mistress of Mistresses -E.R. Eddison

22 Gloriana or the Unfulfill'd Queen -Michael Moorcock

23 The Well of the Unicorn -Fletcher Pratt

24 The Second Book of Lankhmar -Fritz Leiber

25 Voice of Our Shadow -Jonathan Carroll

26 The Emperor of Dreams -Clark Ashton Smith

27 Lyonesse I: Suldrun's Garden -Jack Vance

28 Peace -Gene Wolfe

29 The Dragon Waiting -John M. Ford

30 Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe -Michael Moorcock

31 Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams -C.L. Moore

32 The Broken Sword -Poul Anderson

33 The House on the Borderland and Other Novels -William Hope Hodgson

34 The Drawing of the Dark -Tim Powers

35 Lyonesse II and III: The Green Pearl and Madouc -Jack Vance

36 The History of Runestaff -Michael Moorcock

37 A Voyage to Arcturus -David Lindsay

38 Darker Than You Think -Jack Williamson

39 The Mabinogion -Evangeline Walton

40 Three Hearts & Three Lions -Poul Anderson

41 Grendel -John Gardner

42 The Iron Dragon's Daughter -Michael Swanwick

43 WAS -Geoff Ryman

44 Song of Kali -Dan Simmons

45 Replay -Ken Grimwood

46 Sea Kings of Mars and Other Worldly Stories -Leigh Brackett

47 The Anubis Gates -Tim Powers

48 The Forgotten Beasts of Eld -Patricia A. McKillip

49 Something Wicked This Way Comes -Ray Bradbury

50 The Mark of the Beast and Other Fantastical Tales -Rudyard Kipling

Edited by somewhatdamaged

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Robert Rankin.

Very funny fantasy stuff (bit like terry pratchett) set in modern times with recurring themes.

Good stuff

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Bit of an old one written in the 1920s so a bit dated in some of the attitudes and speeech

The Ship of Ishtar - A Merritt

available here as a gutenberg ebook



Also The Purple Cloud - M P Shiel (1901)


A 'last man' story with some twists.


You might also look at some of Poul Andersons stuff

Although a well known Sci Fi Man, he has done some good books in the Fantasy Genre


Eternal Champion saga by Michael Moorcock is one of the best fantasy series ever written. Elric of Melnibone.....

Agreed - well worth trying and often poorly emulated since.

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I quite like


Trudi Canavan

Karen Miller

K.J. Parker (Specially the Engineer & Fencer Trilogy)

Edited by Jam_Sandwich

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Ed Greenwood 8-)


Karen Travis (Imeriel Commando) that i believe karen Miller is completing ?

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Jim Butcher = The Codex Alera (6 book series).


Can also recommend his Dresden series as well, though these are modern magic based rather than pure fantasy.

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I'm currently re reading Von Bek by Michael Moorcock (the first book in the tale of the eternal champion)


I had forgotten how superb it was. Von Bek's soul is (unknown to him) already owned by Lucifer who offers him the chance to talk to God and plea his case in being allowed to go to Heaven should he succeed in his mission. Satan tasks Von Bek to find the "Cure for the worlds pain" or "Holy Grail" as some would call it. He believes that if this object was found and the worlds ills cured he would be granted an audience with God and could beg His forgiveness.


The quality of the entire Eternal Champion series is such that one can only assume Tolkien had a far greater publicist than Moorcock ever had.


Of course, one of the things i love about Moorcock is that he never copied a single thing Tolkien ever did (due to him not being a fan of his "Merry England" writing style - yet is revered by other fantasy giants such as David Gemmell and Tad Williams.


I am intending to read the entire series in order (which i haven't done before) as i've currenly got a fractured arm and can't really play games. This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise although i am sure my wife would not agree!


Keep the recommendations coming guys

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How about Edgar Rice Burroughs' (the creator of Tarzan) Mars books - A Princess of Mars is the first one and there another 10 to follow (although some of the later ones dip in quality) and all freely available on Gutenberg. Although it is set on Mars, it is much closer to fantasy than Sci-Fi. Stirring stuff, especially as it is nearly 100 years old, loads of swordplay, 14 foot tall warlike aliens, anti-gravity battleships, evil priests, subterranean dungeons, gladiatorial arenas, naked princesses, whet more could you ask for? - and soon to be Pixar's first live-action film.


It was mentioned above that Michael Moorcock never coped a single thing that Tolkien wrote - well that's possible, as he was too busy copying Burroughs' fantasy output under the guise of 'The Eternal Champion'.

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Oh and not fantasy as such, but similar to Gemmell's excellent output, Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series, set in the late 9th Century, is very good. The first book in the series is 'The Last Kingdom'.


Also, set in England at the same time, try Harry Harrison's 'The Hammer and the Cross' - starting off with real historical events during the Viking invasion of 866 (which also features in 'The Last Kingdom') but ends up departing from the real history because of a saxon serf (who is the illegitimate son of a norse god, possibly). I can't recommend this highly enough.

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Waterstones are currently running a 3 for 2 offer on all SF/Fantasy books if anyone's interested.

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