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Nationalist Scribblings

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What? You used it inadvertently? And had no idea that someone like Pat would take that inference on it?


Yes. and it was jimbms not Pat

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and to any nationalist reading this, by resorting to indoctrination of the young and susceptible as the only viable method of propagating your policies, you have weakened the position of nationalism in the public eye that bit further.

I would think the young have put this slogan up. All by themselves.

Really? They are quite a lot of silly older people.


I am very surprised, however, at the number of people who have joined the Facebook site. It is slightly irritating when you realise just how dumb a lot of people's politics are, in that they don't amount to much thinking behind them other than just some feeling that they need to shout about being Manx and go with the crowd.


I think most people get irritated by other people's politics especially when they are not identical to their own.

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Really John? Really?


"The real question, and it is a burning one, is who are the Manx and where do we go from here." JW.

Paging Phil Gawne MHK.


Jim merely repeated Pat's post, with added emphasis. That was what annoyed me, your initial "a burning one" was, I thought, clear so Pat's extracting of it seemed clumsy. But I was particularly annoyed by Jim highlighting "Burning" and "Phil Gawne" because it was so patronising - "you might not have got this joke, so let me spell it out for you."


But now I realise, you who earns his living through the careful use of language, innocently made a point of typing "burning" in a thread about Manx nationalist direct action, without considering that that phrase might be taken a particular way. AND read Pat's post and didn't twig what he was getting at.

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Yes, you're right. But here is a case of people who really just go with the crowd and haven't given much thought to anything. Very irritating.

Edited by La_Dolce_Vita

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It's scrawled in chalk and is already starting to fade. A couple of showers should finish it.


Hardly calculated to trigger a nationlist uprising spreading death and fire across the IOM


This is how it used to be done properly


No need to even go to those lengths. Fo Halloo went around trying to stick posters up on the wedding cake and along Peel road, which is at least a bit more daring than scrawling some chalk slogan on a wall up a back street.


Hell, even the big cannabis leaf on the road at the top of Crellin's hill is more subversive, and that's proper crap.


What is wrong with you all. I fully support the slogans.


... I live here and I am proud to think of myself as Manx.


Tee hee... for an advocate, you really do leave yourself open far too often.

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