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Mannifest - Top 5 Festival Essentials


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As festivals are a new thing on the Isle of Man, to some, then thought this might be a good way for people to get some ideas as to what to bring.


Lets share our knowledge to help each other.

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Festivals are a new way of making money for the Islands rich...do not give us the "We're doing it for the people" bullshit....no one does anything for 'the people' unless there is something in it for them. Irving has his glory and got to meet JLS, Mannifest has plenty of egos too.



I am bringing


1 The camper

2 my duvet

3 some bacon & baps

4 some brown sauce

5 my knitting (might do a demonstration if anyone wants to learn)


Oh and I don't need holidays, working is rubbish.

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