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Mannifest - Top 5 Festival Essentials


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i'm heading up on the Thursday, I believe it's ok to do so from anytime on Thursday. not sure what to bring, will see when I get there.


Does anyone know if it's licensed (bar that is, not music)?


Yep, campsite will be open from Thursday...


The festivities start from midday on the Friday...


The festival will be licensed for sure, so no brining alcohol into the actual festival. No such restrictions on the campsite though... just good behaviour required! If you are drunk you will not be allowed to enter pass the security...


Babywipes... certainly an essential at festivals i've been to.

Painkillers... just in case you get a headache!

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I am a moron.




Ah, there is nothing like the cut and thrust of witty repartee.

And that was nothing like the cut and thrust of witty repartee.

But there was plenty of humour and pathos

he is humiliatingly pathetic

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Do any of youse trendy DJs want to borrow my James Last Ole record? I've some wicked samba tunes too :)or are you just going to play that boring old 'house music'? I find house music is a bit akin to house wine, alright but, doesn't really have too much about it. Guess it's me age.

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