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My Tdn E-Book: "a Treasury Of Druidic Triads"

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Awens to All:


I originally registered onto this Message Forum while doing research for writing this E-Book on the subject of the Ancient Celtic Triads of Wisdom and Knowledge that Emma "Bobcat" Restall-Orr asked me to back at around last Winter Solstice. I responded by volunteering to write their Lesson on Tarot and Runes, but Bobcat said they already had someone doing that. Bobcat then asked if I could do research on the Ancient Sacred Triads of Wisdom and write a Lesson on that subject.


Being a writer of 3X3 Triads of Wisdom Compositions, I eagerly agreed. I spent the next few weeks downloading and reading every Sacred Triad of Wisdom that is available on the Internet and then upon Imbolc, starting writing the Lesson. It turned into a 666.3 KB 51 Page Book chronicalling all the various Triads of Wisdom, Knowledge and Modern Sayings that there ever has been.


Last Summer Solstice, it was finished being Editted and Published and I thought it was about time that I shared my writing project with all you guys. It is free to view and can been read over by clicking on:




I hope you guys enjoy it!



Edited by TheDruid-3X3
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Awens to All:


So what do you guys think of my TDN E-Book on the Ancient Celtic Triads of Wisdom and Knowledge?


There have been over 300 Viewings of this Thread, but no comments.


Constructive Comments and Criticisms are Welcome, eh!




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I have been a vehement composer of Triads of Wisdom and have taken to composing something that I call the “3X3 Triad Of Wisdom” compositions, which I mainly compose for the occasions of the sacred Sabbaths of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasad. I got the term 3X3 from a Paganistic Spell of the Bellyrmine Jar in which the I found a line that went “By The Power Of Three Times Three, So Mote It Be!”.

Here are Three of them.

I wrote this one on the plane while flying back from my 2006 Pilgrimage to The Stonehenge that I call “When On a Summer Sosltice Pilgramage” :


When on a Summer Solstice Pilgramage -


- One should Pay Respects to the Spirits of Ones Ancestors

- One should Retrace the Footsteps of One's Past Incarnations.

- And to Free Oneself of Ones Negative Emotional Energies.


Where to Celebrate the Summer Solstice -


- At Three Different Places of Tranquility.

- Where One can Cleanse and Purify Oneself.

- And at a Peaceful Place that can be Enjoyed with Others.


What to Wish for at a Summer Solstice Gathering -


- Peace between your Fellow Gatherers.

- To be able to Share Good Spiritual Energies with Others.

- And to have Gratitude for Help Received from Others.




By Paying Respects to the Spirits of your Ancestors -

- You then give Gratitude for the Mortal Shell of your Present Incarnation which they Provided you with.

- You Acknowledge the Traditions they have Passed Down to You.

- You Learn Wisdom from their Records and Histories.

When Retracing your Past Incarnation's Spiritual Path -

- You Learn Wisdom from their Records and Histories.

- You gain Insight on where your Capabilities are Based On.

- You come to Accept what your Limitations are.


By Cleansing Oneself of Ones Negative Emotional Energies -

- One is then Spiritually Free.

- You gain Peace within Yourself.

- And Ones Past Life’s Evils can then be Overcome.




When Practicing your Ancestor's Traditions -

- You become Spiritually Attuned to the Cycles of Life.

- You then gain Respect for the Good Karmanic Energies of Others.

- You Gain Good Bondings with Friends and Family.


Where are Three Great Places of Tranquility -

- The Glastonbury Tor Tower.

- The Avebury Circle of Stones.

- And at Old Sarum Castle.


How to Overcome the Evils of Ones Past Life --

- Acknowledge the Problem of One's Past Evils.

- Gather into a Circle of People who are Fighting the Past Evil Together.

- Then Gain the Strength to Cast Off the Yoke of that Devil's Power.




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Awens to All:

This 3X3 Triad Poem is based on something I read in the Book "Buddhism Explained" by the British Buddhist Monk Bhikkhu Khantipalo.

In the Book, he explains the Buddhist Word "Dukkha" which he says has no English Word associated with it and it is a bit hard to explain. So I decided to write a 3X3 Triad Poem for Samhain that explains the various meanings of this Buddhistic Concept.

I had been working on this 3X3 Triad Poem for quite some time but finally got to it and wrote it out on the evening of Robin William's Death. It was on that date that I came up with the Triad about Bad Dukkha happening to those you are Rich and Famous as well as the Poor. It was on the day of Robin Williams Death that gave me the impotis to get this 3X3 Triad Written, so this 3X3 Triad is also dedicated to Robin Williams as well as the Book by Bhikkhu Khantipalo.

So it goes-

3X3 Triad "Dukkha Explained":

Buddhistic Dukkha Is:

- Distress,

- Disappointment,

- And Disatisfaction.

Humanity's Dukkha Is Created By:

- Evil Intention,

- Careless Complacency,

- And In Ones Imagination.

*Dukka Is Pains Of:

- Sickness,

- Aging,

- And Death.


Distress Comes From:

- Accidents,

- Abandonment,

- And Petty Admonishments.

Disappointment Is Caused By:

- Not Getting Hired,

- Getting Fired,

- And Not Getting Paid.

Life's Disatisfactions:

- Being Taken For Granted,

- Ignored,

- Or Unappreciated.


Dukkha Happens To:

- The Rich,

- The Famous,

- As Well As The Poor.

Destructive Dukkha Is Hard To:

- Temper,

- Control,

- And To Moderate.

*Occasional Dukkha Brings:

- Wisdom,

- Awakenings,

- And Enlightenment.



The Triads with the '*' before it are once taken from the Book, so I have to give credit for those one with Bhikkhu Khantipalo.

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Awens to All:

Tis the Morning of Samhain and I am now Publishing my latest 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem.

For my 2015 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem, I chose the subject of Murphy's Law as the Dark Subject for this Time of Year.

It goes:

Murphy's Law States:

- What Can Go Wrong,

- Will Go Wrong,

- And At Anytime.

Greatest Causes Of Murphy's Law:

- Gravity,

- Aging,

- And Human Failings.

Murphy's Law Happens When:

- Because Of Slippery Surfaces,

- Things Getting Snagged,

- And Things Snapping.


What Can Go Wrong:

- Shortage Of Supplies,

- Things Getting Forgotten,

- And Items Becoming Lost.

What Will Go Wrong:

- Death,

- Illnesses,

- And Bad Weather.

Times When Murphy's Law Happens:

- When Least Expected,

- Without Warning,

- And At The Worst Possible Times.


Human Failings Causing Murphy's Law:

- Carelessness,

- Misunderstandings,

- And Deliberate Sabotage.

Murphy's Law Creates:

- Damage,

- Collisions,

- And Accidents.

God Of Murphy's Law:

- The God Of Mischief Loki,

- The Grim Reaper,

- And Mother Nature Being A Bitch.


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Awens to All:

Here is my 2012 Samhain 3X3 Triad of Wisdom and it once again adresses some of the Dark Issues of

Life in this Sabbath that takes place during the Darker Time of the Year. I have decided to post it here

since the Manx Forums Thread about Muslims insisting on getting preferential treatment access to

Crematoriums reminded me of this thread.

This 3X3 Triad is based on the fact that I have had some Personal Problems and Issues recently to

the point that I went to my Favorite Buddhist Temple and asked the Buddhist Priest whether or not

this Life on Earth is actually a Life in an Upper Plain of Hell.

The Buddhist Priest replied that in order to get to a Better Plain of Existance for one's Next Life,

to make sure to work on keeping ones Mind as Peaceful and Tranquil as possible.

But since I have been thinking that this Life on Earth is actually an more Benevolent Upper Plain of

Hell, I have wrote a 3X3 Triad dedicated to pointing out the things that indicate that this Life is

actually an Upper Plain of Hell where we all are made to Suffer so many Pains and Sorrows all the


And for this 3X3 Triad, I was able to think of so many Triads of Wisdom that shows how this Life is

actually an Upper Plane of Hell that I could write another similar one in the Future that I could

call "Whilst In A Life In Hell" or something like that.

For this particular 3X3 Triad, all of the Triads all start with the same line, which is something

I have done in Past 3X3 Triads.

So here is my 2010 Samhain 3X3 Triad which is called 'In This Life In Hell' and it goes:

In This Life In Hell:

- There Is Illnesses,

- Diseases,

- And Chronic Suffering.

In This Life In Hell:

- There Is Genocidal Wars,

- Territorial Wars,

- And Religious Wars.

In This Life In Hell:

- There Is Betrayals,

- Treacheries,

- And Scams.


In This Life In Hell:

- There Are Psychopaths,

- Controloholics,

- And Megalomaniacs.

In This Life In Hell:

- There is Arguements,

- Issues,

- And Disagreements.

In This Life In Hell:

- There Are Weird Accidents,

- Things Going Wrong,

- And Stupid Mistakes.


In This Life In Hell:

- There is Intolerance,

- Inconciderate Acts,

- And Incompetence.

In This Life In Hell:

- There is Child Abuses,

- Parent Abuses,

- And Spousal Abuses.

In This Life In Hell:

- There is Unhealthy Needs,

- Desires,

- and Addictions.


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Awens to All:

Here is my Latest 3X3 Triad Poem that was E-Published on August 1st which is the Pagan Sabbath of Lughnasad.

My 2016 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad of Wisdom is dedicated to my Recent Activities with the BVS Buddhist Temple Garden at which I have an Allotment. Due to having Let Go of certain Hindrances of Life that allowed me to devote more time to the Buddhist Temple Garden that I like tending to I am now Enjoying Life a bit more than I have in the Past.

I called it: 'At My Buddhistic Temple Garden'.

It Goes:

At My Buddhistic Temple Garden I Get:

- Peace,

- Love,

- And Harmony.

At The Buddhist Temple I Get To Practice:

- Celtic Paganism,

- Celtic Druidism,

- As Well As Celtic Buddhism.

At The Community Garden I:

- Pull Weeds,

- Attend To My Allotment,

- And Enjoy Watching Things Grow.


With The Peacefulness I Get To:

- Listen To The Birds Sing,

- The Wind In The Trees,

- And The Bees Buzz.

Things Worth Loving:

- Nature,

- Tranquility,

- And Enlightened People.

When In Harmony:

- There Is No Verbal Abuse,

- Profanities,

- Or Swearing.


When Tranquil There Is:

- Silence,

- Stillness,

- And Serenity.

Celtic Buddhism Respects:

- The Buddhist Divas,

- The Celtic Deities,

- And Paganistic Gods.

Enlightened People:

- Never Create Problems,

- Do Not Bully Others,

- And Practice Acceptance.


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Incidentally, here is my Very First 3X3 Triad Poem I ever wrote in early 2006 -


It goes:
My Three Patron Deities:
My Three Patron Deities are:
- The Solar God The Sun,
- The Hiroshima Survivor Kuraganemochi Tree,
- And Basteth the Egyptian Goddess of Feline Familiars.
What I Must Do for my Patron Deities:
- Be Grateful for Receiving their Gifts,
- Promote their Messages of Peace,
- And Pay Homage by Taking Care of their Living Physical Incarnations.
Three Ways to Appreciate ones Patron Deities:
- Do as you Freely Will,
- Make Harm for None,
- And Share their Gifts with Others.
What The Solar God Gives the Earth:
- Gravitational Power,
- The Warmth we Need to Grow,
- And Light for Photosynthesis
My Eucalyptus Tree Messiah has:
- Bark for Skin,
- Leaves for Breathing,
- And Sap for Blood.
What my Feline Familiar Goddess Grants Me:
- Magical Release of my Negative Emotional Energies,
- A Look of Love and Trust,
- And Good Quality Companionship.
The Three Best Things about my Three Patron Deities:
- They are not Vane,
- They have no Greed,
- And they are not Egotistical.
What everything needs from my Three Patron Deities:
- Continued Supply of Solar Power for Continued Life on Earth,
- a message of needing more Wisdom for Mankind,
- And be able to Share her Good Feline Karma with my Neighbors.
What I wish to my Three Patron Deities:
- To continue to Shine its Life Giving Power,
- To show its Power by continuing to be Health and Strong,
- And to enjoy a Long Happy Healthy Life Prowling in my Garden.

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This is my Second 3x3 Triad of Wisdom Composition. I hope you all enjoy it.

Here it is:

3x3 Triads on Egotism, Vanity, and Greed:

The Emotions That Come From The Belief That Humanity Is Created In A Godlike Image:

- Egotism,

- Vanity,

- and Greed.

Why Mankind Declared Itself A Godlike Image:

- Because Of Mankind Harnessing The Power of Plants,

- Domesticating Farming Animals,

- And Developing Writing.

Technologies Developed In Order To Prove Mankind As Created In A Godlike Image:

- Metal Smithing,

- Firearms,

- And The Harnessing of Electricity.


When One Is Egotistical:

- One Then Becomes A Danger To Others,

- One Becomes A Poor Sport,

- And One Then Tends To Ignore Good Advice.

When One Has Vanity:

- You Start Thinking Your Personal Appearance Becomes Most Important,

- You Start Considering Yourself The Center Of The Universe,

- And You Start Taking Personal Criticisms Too Negatively.

When One Has Greed:

- You Take From Nature More Than You Need,

- You Then Become Ruthless In Your Business Practices,

- And You Become Part Of Humanity's Problems Instead Of A Solution.


Damage Caused By A Lifeforms Who Believe Themselves Created In A Godlike Image:

- Mass Extinctions Of Other Animals,

- The Destruction Of Natural Ecosystems Of The Earth,

- The Weakening Of The Atmosphere's Ozone Layer.

In Order For Humanity To Become Back To Being One With Nature:

- We Must Teach Our Children To Respect Nature,

- Endeavor To Gain Environmental Wisdom,

- And Plant New Forests.

To Once Again Become Harmonious With Nature One Must:

- Live By The Wiccan Reed Of Being Of Free Will But Harming None,

- Celebrating The Eight Harvest Festivals.

- Having Reverence For The Four Sacred Elements.


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In 2006, I took a course in First Aid and I wrote a 3X3 Triad on First Aid. It is my 3rd Official 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Poem.

It goes -

The First Aid 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition:

As Well As Providing Care A First Aid Attendant Should:

- Positively Affect the Outcome of Work Related Injuries,

- Record Reported Symptoms of Injuries,

- And Make Decision To Send Worker To Further Medical Aid.

When Approaching A Site Of An Accident One Must Make A Scene Assessment for:

- Further Accident Site Hazards,

- What Is The Mechanism Of The Injury.

- And determine Number of People Injured.

After Scene Assessment What Is The Rest Of The Medical Aid Priority Action Approach:

- Do The Primary Survey,

- Preform Critical Interventions,

- And Commense Secondary Survey.


What To Check For In The Primary Survey:

- A = Airway Assessment with C-Spine Control,

- B = Breathing Assessement,

- C = Circulation Assessment.

When Assessing Breathing One Checks For:

- Rate Of Breaths Per Minute,

- Determine Quality Of The Breaths Effectiveness.

- And Assess Needs For Critical Respritory Interventions.

As Well As Checking For Heart Beats One Should Sheck For:

- Signs Of Circulatory Shock,

- Check For Massive Bleeding,

- And Assess Needs For Critical Circulatory Interventions.


What Is The Common Causes Of Airway Obstruction:

- Tongue Falling Back In The Throat,

- Foriegn Bodies,

- And Throat Tissues Swelling.

What Are The Three "P"s Of Hermorrhage Control:

- Apply 'Pressure' To The Bleeding with Bandages,

- Position Patient Supine Putting Patient At Rest,

- And Position Part" That Is Bleeding To A Elevated Position.

What To check For When Doing Secondary Survey:

- Assess Vital Signs,

- Take Down History Of The Injury,

- Complete Head To Toe Examination.

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There was a young man from Leeds


Who swallowed a packet of seeds.


In less than an hour,


His dick was a flower


And his arse was a patch of weeds ...

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I wandered lonely as a cloud,

Across grassy hills and banks.

I stood upon a blokes bare arse,

And a woman's voice said "Thanks".

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Awens to All:

Here is my next 3X3 Poem written in June of 2006:

For The Betterment Of Our Lives:

- We Shall Poison The Rivers,

- Fill The Air With Smoke,

- And Consume Toxic Waste.

To Improve The Lot Of Humanity:

- We Shall Kill Other Species,

- Pave Over Our Ancestors,

- And Tear Up The Sky.

In Order To Create Civilizations:

- We Cut Down Our Forests,

- Pollute The Air,

- And Dig Up The Earth.


To Prove We Have Dominion Over The Earth:

- We Draw Borders Between Us,

- Destroy What Is Natural,

- And Reshape It For Our Own Uses.

We Feel That It Is Important:

- To Be Wealthy and Greedy

- To be Pompous,

- And Vane.

The Waters Of Our Lakes And Oceans:

- Are Fished Out,

- Used For Atomic Waste Dumps,

- And Damned For Our Uses.


For The Sake Of Our Children:

- We Shall Fill The Land With Garbage,

- Clean Our Homes With Death,

- And Breathe Radiation.

Many Years From Now Our Grandchildren:

- Will Have No Food To Eat,

- No Water To drink,

- And No Air To Breathe.

They'll Look At Their,

- Chemical Houses,

- Plastic Shopping Malls,

- And Artificial Forests.


Edited by TheDruid-3X3

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She stood on the bridge at midnight,

Her lip's were all a-quiver,

She gave a cough-

Her leg fell off,

And floated down the river.

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