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Awens to All:

This is my 2014 Imbolc 3X3 Triad Poem is based on something that my Druidistic Friend Mysticol Journay wrote in 2012.  She wrote a Four or Five Stanza Poem that were all TRiads of Wisdom.  I took her Poem and added Four or Five more Stanzas making it into a 3X3 Triad Poem.  I found this Poem in 2012 and put it aside for Future Reference and I have actually forgotten which Triads are MJ's and which are mine.  But this 3X3 Triad Poem Honours the Four Sacred Elements, Herbs and Four Celtic Gods.

This 3X3 Triad Composition is called: "What I Am".

And It Goes:

I Am The Earth Full Of:
- Wisdom,
- Knowledge,
- And Cunningness

I Am The Sky Full Of:
- Peace,
- Openness,
- And Acceptance.

Am The Ocean Full Of:
- Love,
- Adoration,
- And The Beloved.


I Am The Fire Full Of:
- Warmth,
- Heat,
- And Passion.

I Am The Herbs Full Of:
- Healing,
- Health,
- And Vitality.

May Ceridwen Grant Me:
- A Wise Brew,
- An Eternal Brew,
- And A Hot Brew.


May Brigid Grant Me:
- Peacefulness,
- Lovingness,
- And A Forgiving Attitude.

May Morrigan Grant Me:
- Courage,
- Protection,
- And Loyalty.

May Lugh Grant Me:
- Large Bounties,
- Plenty,
- And Fertility.


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On 2/2/2018 at 9:46 AM, doc.fixit said:

.......a canine that lives by the canal??............what the heck does, 'awens', mean??.........what's wrong with hello??

Awens is an Ancient Celtic Greetings Word.


Awens to All:

For Samhain 2012, I wrote a 3X3 Triad Poem about what sort of things make 
this a Life In Hell.  To counterbalance it, I have wrote a Poem on what
sort of things would make a Life In Heaven.

3X3 Triad On What Makes A Life In Heaven: 

In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Peace,
- Love,
- And Tranquility.

In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Sympathy,
- Empathy,
- And Philanthropy.

In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Plenty,
- Prosperity,
- And Pride.


In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Fairness,
- Fullfilment,
- And Fruitfulness.

In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Good Health,
- Good Food,
- And Good Drink.

In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Loyalty,
- Honour,
- And Respect.


In A Life In Heaven:
- There is Joy,
- Happiness,
- And Satisfaction.

In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Helpfulness,
- Cooperation,
- And Assistance.

In A Life In Heaven:
- There Is Acceptance,
- Forgiveness,
- And Tolerance.


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Awens to All:

In the past year, I had some Peer Pressure put on me in order to gain a Favor that curtailed my Freedom Of Speech and Self Extrpression from someone I had Known and Trusted.

It was from that I decided to Research the Causes and Effects of Peer Pressure and make it the subject of my 2018 Samhain 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom.

It Goes:

Ones Peers Can Include:
- Ones Family,
- Friends,
- And Colleagues.

Good Peer Pressure Encourages:
- Good Sportsmanship,
- Happy Social Clubs,
- And Benevolent Faith Based Activities.

Bad Forced Peer Pressure Causes:
- Alcoholism,
- Drug Addiction,
- And Gambling Habits.


Family Peer Pressure Creates:
- Ones Language,
- Traditions,
- And Culture.

Ones Friends Peer Pressure Has Its Most Effect:
- During Childhood,
- Adolescent,
- And Young Adult Years.

Colleagues Can:
- Share Wisdom,
- Be Your Comrades,
- And Provide Encouragement.


Negative Peer Pressure:
- Imposes Censorship,
- Inhibits Freedom Of Will,
- And Stiffles Self Expression.

Most Peer Pressure Comes From:
- Governments,
- Employers,
- And Religious Organizations.

Peer Pressure Is Used By:
- Bullies,
- Criminals,
- And Gangsters.



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