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Hilton Reverts To Palace


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Not forgetting The Majestic - sheer vandalism to knock that down.


Without a doubt!


Probaby the most significant example on the Island of the work of Baillie Scott, who was not only a figure in the Arts and Crafts movement, but was also educated on the Island at the Isle of Man School of Art. There we had an example of both an historical movement in architecture and of the work of someone influenced specifically by their experiences on Island, now lost.


I would have thought that some of the Island's historic buildings, such as the Castle Mona, would have made good locations for Government's departmental headquarters, thus ensuring they're maintained, and preventing them from being ditched into the hands of the developers. It could also bring a bit of life to some of the more neglected parts of town, and would avoid the need to construct entirely new buildings (no matter how wonderfully environmentally friendly they might be, like the old Dept of Agriculture's, out in St Johns, is), and give our government buildings a more stately appearance in contrast with the current set up.


I think the majestic was left so long in such a bad state the only option was to knock it down, And to be fair this seems to be the plan for the Castle Mona or are the Sefton group holding it to stop any competition taking it over..........

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Palace Hotel & Casino returns

19th November, 2010



A familiar and much-loved name is back where it belongs on Douglas Promenade with the return of the Palace Hotel and Casino.


The decision to revert to the hotel's original name signals a move back towards its Manx heritage and, free from its franchise arrangement with Hilton UK Hotels which ended on 13th November, the Palace can now integrate more fully into the Sefton group of hotels and better utilise and promote Isle of Man suppliers and services.


Adrian Brockhouse, Managing Director of Palace Hotel and Casino Ltd, explained: ‘The Palace was one of the strongest Manx brand names for the best part of thirty years. It built a strong reputation, not just as a hotel, but as a leisure complex.


‘While we enjoyed an excellent relationship with Hilton, we were restricted in terms of which suppliers and services we could use and how fully we could cross-market and cross-sell with our other Sefton Group hotels and facilities. With that restriction lifted, we can now maximise the benefits that independence and operational flexibility provide.


‘Initially, any changes will be subtle. The hotel and casino will continue to operate as before, but customers will slowly begin to notice the changes, be it the new Palace uniforms for our staff, a change in customer service ethos or the rebranding of the health club.


‘Ultimately, however, our aim is to re-establish the Palace name and build on it over the next few years - we want the Palace brand to be synonymous with great value hotel services and superb leisure activities for all age groups.' 




above is the press release from 12 months ago the Sefton group have no direction no idea what they are doing and NO CASH

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Livingwell is to be flats nos. 246/7/8/9 and 10 and will be the luxury end of the development!

But will also be empty, or owned by off shore rich people evading Tax, and so we move into another year. Nothing changes

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I think that like most things on IOM - it has seen better days!


Surely we are not still blaming the state of the Island on the loss of Tourism [ie - The Good days] According to Mr Bell the Island has never seen better times. Has he looked at Strand Street or Port Erin Promenade. You can still sit and look at Bradda Head though; from a lot more places now that there are so many spaces appearing on the Prom due to demolished buildings. That, we are assured, is due to a drop in demand for Appartments. Not an huge oversupply at obscene rents.

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