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Here's a question, if Sure were to take pictures of 13 year old girls, and then plaster them all over the local papers and all through town, should they not seek permission from the parents to use the photos?

And your point is?

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I think like parchedpeas says if these pictures have been taken in a public place and are in no way provocative or posed then I think they are legal, if posed I would say this does raise an issue. Have you approached Sure about this? If they realise your strong objections I am sure if a decent company they will withdraw the ad and apologise to you and the other parents.

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does Model Release apply to IoM ?

would seem to be the normal practice


# Adult Release: This is the form most commonly referred to as a "model release". The language of this release is intended for use by models over the age of 18 (the age of majority)

# Minor Release: This variant of the model release contains language referring to the model (who is a minor) in the third-person, and required signature by a parent or other legal guardian of the model. A release which is not signed by a parent or guardian affords no legal protection to the publisher.

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This all seems very grey, on one hand it says a release needs to be signed but in another article it says if the photographer was unable to contact persons who appear in a picture taken in a public place then it is ok so long as it does not imply they are taking part in any act or activity that could cause them to be offended. I would say what it boils down to is that the photographer should have obtained permission and secondly Sure should have made certain he had before publishing. It would be interesting to hear what Sure say, have you got an answer from them yet Mo?

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