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Peep Show Series 7

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"Coming soon to Channel 4, Peep Show returns for a seventh series. Starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb the series follows the increasingly complicated lives of aging flatmates and best buddies Mark and Jeremy.

Mark has become a father. Burdened with a new and frightening responsibility, he finds that he can't get a decent job and is forced to continue to work as a waiter. Worried about his relationship with his baby, Ian; worried that he'll spend the rest of his days as a waiter; worried about his commitment to Ian's mother, Sophie; and worried that he's losing love interest Dobby to his rival Gerrard, Mark experiences his 'darkest hour'.


Jeremy, on the other hand, stumbles upon a new and exciting source of income, power and responsibility. Miraculously walking away from the wreckage of his affair with Elena, Jeremy also meets a new love interest. But just as his life is looking up, he discovers that his new situation comes with complex strings attached.

This six part series follows Mark and Jeremy from the birth of Mark's baby to 'little Ian's' christening. We also meet Mark's parents for the first time as the boys attempt to celebrate a traditional family Christmas. And a disastrous New Year's Eve party crawl culminates with Mark and Jeremy facing choices that could end their friendship - forever."



Sounds immense, can't wait for this to be aired.

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This sounds like it'll be pish funny. When is it on?

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I heard they were still filming it but start of the season should be around September/October

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