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They could have just asked us instead. Saved all that hassle.

Don't get me wrong, I totally thought he was guilty. It's was just handy that we had someone to point at to demonstrate our 'harsh view of money launderers'. It is tricky though as the gent that Trev

http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/conviction-against-advocate-jenny-holt-is-quashed-1-6449227   The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the highest Court of Appeal of the Isle of

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  • 3 weeks later...

The following media release was issued by the Isle of Man Constabulary Financial Crime Unit earlier today.



On 29th September 2010, in The High Court of Justice of the Isle of Man Staff of Government Division Criminal Jurisdiction, John Trevor Roche BAINES had his appeal against a 6 year sentence imposed for Money Laundering dismissed.


In their Judgment His Honour Judge of Appeal Tattersall QC and His Honour Deemster Doyle concluded;


“In this case what the Appellant did was very serious, involved a very substantial sum of money and struck at the foundations of the financial probity of the financial services industry in this Island. Notwithstanding all the personal mitigation available to the Appellant, Deemster Birkett had no option but to impose a substantial custodial sentence. Having considered all the submissions made, we are not satisfied that the sentence of 6 years imposed on count 1 was manifestly wrong or so excessive as to appear wrong in principle.


It necessarily follows that the appeal is dismissed.”


The full judgement will be published at http://www.judgments.im/content/Home.mth in due course.




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[thread derail]


Mike, my interest was piqued as to why one of our rarer named posters was posting this judgement up.


My first effort was putting your name and Trevor's into google, which yielded nothing. I then went to your Profile and discovered you are a policeman.


Hey ho, talk about current debates about the police and the forums.


Are you posting this up as a helpful member of the public or as a police officer, who due to dealing with financial crime, wants this judgement to be more widely known. Either way I think people are going to be a little uneasy about your motives.


Anonymity is a fascinating issue on the Forums - I had no idea who you were, and I can honestly say I was perturped to discover you're a policeman giving publicity to another notch on the stick. I wonder how other forces create the equivelent of the local bobbie on the Net.


The beat bobbie, being a personality, but with a policing role, is missed in many communities who get all nostalgic for Dixon of Dock Green or whatever.


I'm not against a policeman being an explicit presence on the Forums - John Wright provides one set of legal insights and I am sure a member of your profession could provide others. But your job means it must be carefully managed.


As you've acknowledged your occupation, I'd at least put it into your signature so everyone knows who you are.


That may be complicating things, but the current half way house isn't clear. Are you on duty or not when posting stuff up about Mr Baines? As with all policemen the ambiguity is always there - I'd get another login for your out of hours posts, and not post about police business, but I don't think it is impossible to have a recognized policeman doing an MF beat.


Just giving advice, as you've done about scams, and information on the law and rights and so on when people are in ignorance.



[/thread derail]

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Chinahand: I think you will find that Mike usually makes it clear he is a serving police officer and I believe most people know who he is especially due to his circular emails that fly around the island concerning the latest scams.

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"usually makes it clear" - that's one reason for my post - I didn't know who he was, and he didn't make it clear.


A sig which will be visible on all Mike's posts would instantly clarify the issue, and make it clear that this was a policeman posting.


I'm not entirely against a policeman scooping Manx Radio and going direct to MF as has been done here, but there is some doubt in my mind, so raised the issue.


Quite definitely if PC Venables is posting as such I think a sig should be the equivilent of his number on his lapel, a public display of his profession.

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They're all from the same tree cops n robbers innit? I live in a different world to them, it's great here, tea cakes and sugary loveliness.


I wonder if Trevor Baines had thought, you know? actually made a conscious connection about what he was doing and the (much bigger than personal) effects, would he have continued? Time people on the whole

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Does raise question, when decision was handed down in open sitting of the Court of Appeal in Douglas oWednesday last week, why none of IOM Newspapers or Manx Radio have covered it before now

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Does raise question, when decision was handed down in open sitting of the Court of Appeal in Douglas oWednesday last week, why none of IOM Newspapers or Manx Radio have covered it before now


When you say "open sitting" you mean Isle of Man "Open Sitting".


Everywhere else in the decent western world has publicly available Court Lists. On the Isle of Man, even if you are on the list, unless you are an Advocate, obtaining a list is like extracting teeth.


If anyone thinks I am suggesting that the Isle of Man Courts do not like to have the public attend, then yes, that is exactly what I am suggesting.

Edited by Theo
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Fair point if that is the case.


What about the public.


Every Court I have ever attended elsewhere has the lists displayed (we must all have seen the lists outside the Old Bailey on TV for example). In some respects the Isle of Man still likes to go for the kangaroo end of court dealings.


In my honest opinion.

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Secondly what would it have done for the the Governments & The Islands reputation and ability to borrow if it had defaulted for whatever reason


There was never any question of the government defaulting. Defaulting is not paying back what you owe. This was a question of whether the government owed Barclays the money at all

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I've PMed Stu Peter's to ask him!


Dunno China - I'm not in the newsroom these days so not privy to who is tasked with what. Maybe we couldn't spare a reporter, maybe our normal court reporter wasn't around and nobody realised.

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