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New Place In Castletown

Stevie Boy

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Jaks is probably one of if not the most successful bar on the Island and the food is amazing.... Also the food at the Taj is awesome... good owners and a great chef. Fusion is going to be brilliant I have no doubt!



Good to see a first post recommending a food establishment.


Of course the proof of the pudding etc will be in the eating (and the service and price).

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me and the other half went there two weeks ago ordered tandoori chicken and gammon, waited for 45mins! decided we had waited long enough and left, another couple a few tables down from us got their food, tasted it and sent it back, they also left. If they carry on like that fusion wont be there for much longer...

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Went a week last Saturday and had the pleasure of dining on the table next to the Chief Minister ...


Beef Madras, half rice, half chips (all class me) ... good, very good in fact but portion sizes were stingy IMHO.


The kids had the Southern Fried Chicken Strips ... No, nothing like KFC ... These were thick juicy fillets of Chicken in a great coating. Needless to say, nothing left on the three plates.


I'd agree about it being a very 'funny' place. I'm unsure what to make of it ... It doesn't seem to know whether it's a pub, restaurant or cafe bar ... It's sort of a fusion? Well **** me.

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