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2011 Bus Timetable Design


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Brenda Cannells political epitaph?

In self-exile…


or maybe this is appropriate.


"I have a long journey to take, and must bid the company farewell."



'We will monitor very closely the results of the new bus network so that we may build on this base to ensure that we respond to the ever changing needs of our passengers'


quote Bus Vannin timetable September 2010 ( page 3)

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Everyone loves kittens.

How do you cook them? What vegetables as accompaniment?

Cat tastes almost the same as rabbit and is normally served up in the same way - pie or stew. In fact, once a cat has been skinned, gutted, top and tailed, it's almost impossible to tell it apart from a similarly treated rabbit when it's hanging in the butchers shop.

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Can you eat Aardvarks? Reason I ask is that some of their common names are Earth hog, Earth pig according to the BBC


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