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Why do it matter if thread develops in such a way, Declan?


I don't know. My point was posts complaining about a thread going off topic only generate replies that take the thread further off topic. So that which they seek to stop they encourage.

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Yes, it was a great tribute to a person who had had such crap thrown at him in his early life and survived that to become such a loving person in terms of his comedy and to most people who met him, it would seem. As if his young years of privation weren't enough, his father just turfed him out so callously. TBH, I don't find his style particularly amusing, but when you understand his story you have to have immense respect for the man; not least for his generosity of spirit, if not his comedic style.


I loved the trip in his honours ceremony and the true, broad laugh of ER; a very human moment.


He may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he is one of the last of the 'troopers' who entertained many and had integrity of soul. From the clips of the drama he appeared in, it would also seem he had great serious acting ability; shame it only surfaced in that one drama.

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May you live a fantastic eternal life Sir Norman, your comedy waasn't to my taste and yet I still smiled, I met you in shops on the island and saw you as a perfect gent, you are a true Sir who was far more deserving amongst fake plastic ones, I always smile when I pass your statue.


A person who didn't sit on his arse feeling sorry for himself for the hand that life dealt him, I wish I had known about your life when I was younger, I believe I would have learnt so much earlier rather than have to wait until my forties. My children will know about you.


To your children, you have had the privelege of being born to a great man, please continue the legacy.


Thank you

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He must have been hard work to live with.However i know of a few much loved celebs who would tell you to **ck off if you went up to them in the street.I think the island can be more proud of Norman living here than the likes of trevor baines.

Anyway i for one would like to offer jackie his single daughter a comforting shoulder to cry on when she comes over for his funeral and maybe a meal out afterwards or maybe just a quite night in with a bottle of wine.

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