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Bah, 3d. Everything is bloody 3d now. I personally hope its just a fad which will eventually fail and we can get back to watching films the proper way. I wouldn't swap my Samsung LE55A956 for any 3Dtv.



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Meh. Call me when they use holographic projection.

The tech they're using now is pretty much the same as the 80s (when it was shit) which was also the same as the 50s (also shit).

Also there's evidence to suggest it can pretty badly affect a child's depth perception if used whilst growing up.

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Really don't see the point at the moment with high prices and naff all content unless you really do have money to burn.


I've just upgraded my trusty 37" hannspree in my den room to an LG 1080p job that looks pretty, has great reviews, and is bigger at 42" for £420 delivered from amazon. Can't wait to get that later this week and see how GT5 looks on it when if it ever comes out.



Would have been nice to get an LED set but for just over 400 quid this is too good value to resist!


Just noticed they've dropped it a fiver since earlier in the week. Ahh well...

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