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Wanted - Experienced Ps4/5 User/tutor


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I'm looking for an experienced PS4/5 user to teach me the basics. I've always used Apple based software (Aperture), but have decided that Adobe PS5 is the way forward.


I just need someone for a day, to go through the basics because it really is all Chinese as far as I can tell...


I will pay, of course :)


Please email me at mail@philkneen.com

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Sure you've probably considered this already, but there are tons of good guides out there both as video tutorial (free online or to buy), or acrobat 'bibles' etc.


I know it's not the same as having someone show you first hand, but some of the video tutorials even on youtube can be pretty good to pick up some of what you will want to learn, either as a basic overview or more in depth & specific features once you know what bits you want to focus on.

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Yes indeed, I hear what you're saying, but I really am coming in at the bottom! I don't understand a thing and most of the online tutorials assume a basic knowledge, I think?

It's frustrating, because I know what I want to do and search for the answers, but I just get lost! :blink:

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I've booked myself on a course, it's the only way..... My link

good, cause when you get back you can give me a few pointers as i do struggle with my magazine covers,anyway prepare for playboats tomorrow


I'll put the GoPro on charge now...


'Excellent' (spoken in the style of monty burns)

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Have you tried the Isle of Man College?

Be careful, I went on an evening class there a year or so back and the guy was hopeless. Most people left after a couple of weeks.

Looking at the last prospectus that came out, he's still running the course.

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