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How do people like their steak cooked? To me the test is whether a restaurant can cook a proper rare steak. All too often they seem to come medium rare.


Personally I like to cook steak at home and eat other things out.


Had a wonderful rib eye steak last night - it had been well aged, marbled with fat, cut quite thick, then rubbed with garlic and a little seasoned salt. Basic. Simple. Delicious by itself, no sauces, no onions just some salad and a glass of red wine.

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Blue, but when I cook mine at home the steak goes into a very hot pan (with no oil) so the outside is almost burnt but the meat in the middle remains uncooked. If you like your steaks blue or rare they should be cooked from room temperature rather than straight out of the fridge as the inside will remain cold.

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Another vote for the Highlander, the baby back ribs and queenies there are fantastic as well.


I went to the Highlander with some friends and we were all very disappointed. I tend not to go for a plain steak as can do easily enough at home so generally would order with a decent sauce be it peppercorn, red wine, mushroom, bernaise etc


The fact you could not order a specific sauce to go with your steak disappointed me especially when they bring four accompanyments with your steak which include sauces. However I thought they were pretty abysmal and although I am sure they were not they seemed as if they were just from packets mixed with water. They were thin and fairly tastless.


I have not eaten at Jaks but if I was going for a steak or recommend where to go then I think I would suggest the Swiss Chalet. In my view streets ahead of the Highlander.

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Went to Jaks for the first time last night based on this thread and wasn't massively impressed. Being stuck in a small corner and having to squeeze through a very narrow gap to get to is wasn't a good start. Steak was OK, nothing special, chips were a bit mushy, pepper sauce not much taste to it. Had hoped for better, won't be rushing back.

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I prefer to make steak and chips at home - so I can make chip butties and dip it in the pepper sauce (you can take the boy out of Manchester...). Does anyone in catering make REAL chips any more, or are they all frozen/oven fries or 'wedges'.

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