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Fairy bridge was a mess , took me 1hr 20 min to get to Douglas from PE . People were hesitating to go up the hills at either end so just causing tailbacks . Eventually it cleared at the Santon end I think some bloke in a pick up was helping people up the hill once that was clear then it wasn't too bad .

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A few tips from some one that lives where a forcast of 6-8inches of snow is the norm for a winter day....


A little kitty litter sprinkled under tires will help with traction if you get stuck on ice.

Slow down and put it in low gear.

Use the snowmobile---oh wait that wont apply here..sorry

If all else fails, make a cuppa, light the fire, put your feet up and stay in






Love that someone built a snowman on the beach at Port Erin

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Looks like I chose the wrong time to come home for a few days...


Left Abu Dhabi for the Isle of Man via Dublin on Friday night, only to have the flight diverted to Shannon as Dublin was closed just before we landed.


They then bussed us to Dublin on Saturday morning which took 4 hours, which meant I missed the only flight of the day to the Island, so Etihad put me up for the night.


Now today it's Ronaldsway's turn to shut down & I've got another night in Dublin tonight.


A 12 hour trip has taken 48 hours so far :(

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i would advise anyone not to use the st marks road as it is now like a sheet of ice, vary vary slippy



theres about 4-6in of snow at the round table, and if the wind gets up it will be drifting as it is vary dry and light.

post-3243-062909000 1290963841_thumb.jpg

post-3243-078137500 1290964011_thumb.jpg

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So when will we hear if the schools are out or not?


i would take a preety good guess that any down south will be closed.

there was about 2-3 in of snow, thats now been packed as ice, cant see that going by the moring,

and there is ment to be more snow to come over night

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