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The Raven Ballaugh


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Has anyone been to The Raven since the manager and his wife moved on to the Horse And Plough? We're considering whether to book for New Year but haven't heard whether the food there is any good under the new management.

Yes, I have. Under the previous guy (Thai fayre?) it was brilliant and always busy, sometimes hard to get a table booked? Now under new management, we visited a couple of weeks back - it was dead on a weekend night, couldnt understand it. Then the food arrived, sorry to say, microwave standard and mostly cold with it. Sorry, haven't been back since, and we were getting to be quite regular. Horse and Plough next time....sorry Raven

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I hear that this place has gone up a lot now, anybody tried it? It certainly seems welcoming for a beer, and the menu that we saw looked good.


ETA They seem to be doing pretty well according to TripAdvisor - think I need to give it a go sometime soon ...

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Went there on Friday for lunch.


The staff were really friendly and couldn't have been more attentive.


I'm afraid to say though the food was very average. Nice fresh chips home cut chips but the mushy peas tasted like a cheap tinned version. The portion size was average and the usually blaring TV was turned off. It was an okay meal but nothing special and I won't rush back again.


I struggle to see how this pub is ranked at number 6 on places to eat in the Isle of Man on TripAdvisor!

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