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Marriage Class For The Catholic Church

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I know this will probably just cause a heated discussion over religion v atheism instead, but have any forum members attended the marriage classes run by the Islands Catholic Churches? We haven't been given an awful lot of information about them and I was just wondering what to expect!


I know sometimes they are run as a series of 1 hour classes over a few weeks, and sometimes its one day-long class but apart from that we know nothing.


Any tales to tell or warnings to give?!

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For one of my marriages, we were 'invited' to attend one of these classes or set of classes but we kindly declined and went to a different chruch. Can you say who or what Church you were told about this?

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The ceremony is in the Catholic church on Prospect Hill (St Mary's) and I was advised about the marriage classes by the Secretary when we booked it last year. I know a few friends who have been to them for CoE weddings, I was just wondering if we should expect anything different for a Catholic class really.

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When I married my 1st wife who was a catholic, we had to attend these meetings, they were utterly cringe-inducing. I thought the 3 meetings with the priest were toe-curlingly bad, but we then had to attend 3 meetings with a local catholic family.


I really can't explain just how uncomfortable we felt. They had invited loads of nice friends round and were so nicey nice and so very pc and this was before pc was invented.


Never, never, never again. Drink half a bottle of brandy before you attend Dorothy. That really is the only advice I can give you.

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