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What A Load Of Old Whingers Out There!


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Hello All - I'm new here so not sure of the format. Therefore, I'll just dive stragiht in on this one:


'there's some who seem to do some research before writing and they get the thumbs up from me'


Does your admiration of 'research' not extend to learning how to spell, word formation, etc.?


Thankfully, I'm not much of a whinger so I should fit in quite well here :whistling:

How do you mean, "stragiht' - my dictionary doesn't list that one......? Not a whinge, you understand - just a comment!

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I dont think I whinge too often, but then i also cant rememebr the last time I read an entertaining thread where everyone was blowing each others trumpets and commenting on how good everything is. yawn. :P

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LOL, I didn't even have you in the running, but goes to show that even Micky Mouse has his moment.

Interesting comments and unfortunately for you though, I'm running a splog which is a similarity program I'm developing which shows multi alias's on forums. Lucky for you, I'm not going to splurge the info as I'm testing it out on here, but I can say dude, It's working well so far


For those who's interested and a bit geeky like me, I'm working with a couple of guys on astlavista, so you'll know the score there. For those who don't know about the place, I'd say keep away or take the chance of getting burned or if you're lucky, hacked, so you've been warned!


Thats quite an odd response really, Im guessing the owners and mods of MF must be so pleased if you have unilaterally appointed yourself as auditor of their site and are waiting for someone to start a conspiracy theory thread about you being a government agent sent to clean MF up (that or Batman). To save you the time like Scooby Doo it's always the creepy fairground owner who would have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids. As for the hacking threat I'm sure everyone is scared.

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Without the Intention of upsetting any of you,



What did you really expect, It's a small Island with nowhere to go and fuck all to do when you get there,

so one form of entertainment, without the hassle of getting their arses of the chair, is to whine, swear, and insult one another and call each other derogative names


I will now take cover from the barrage of insults, swear words, and questions about my spelling,grammar and even parentage, but what the fuck there is nothing worth watching on telly and its pissing down outside

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:D yes we whine and complain, and we at times throw playful comments at each other, but we do it in jest.

ok ok a few out there dont do it in jest i know, and a few are just downright mean or annoying ( as i know i can be lol ) but so what?


why come on our board and threaten us because of how we interact with each other?

most of us dont care if you find out who we are, as allot of us here use our real names.

i for one, know that the police read our boards. (:P found that one out when they called me on one of my topic posts last july ) and know that people on here know who i am too.


If you had read back in all the threads ( big job i know ) you will have seen how this board has helped many people. i for one had my daughter reunited with her father because of the helpful people on MF. and because of that reunion i moved back home to the island, and my daughter now has a great relationship with her dad. i dont see how that is a bad thing.


we have helped each other on many occasions. i know i will always find a happy birthday for me here, and a while we have a few people who can be mean or hurtful, the most of us are just playful and helpful. i know that if i am down, i can always count on a laugh at some witty comeback or post when i visit.

where is the harm in that? why threaten us for that?

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