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(£3M) for Richmond Hill.

Does that include the £30,000 that was spent on it last weekend?



And the x thousands spent on the Animal Waste Treatment Works a couple of years after the secondary incinerator was built to treat animal and clinical waste?


Does this include what's been thrown at the Meat Plant in general.....?

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Does this include what's been thrown at the Meat Plant in general.....?

Ah yes, I heard that they had steaks sliding down the walls and the odd sausage embedded in the air vents. Why would you do such a thing, I mean really?

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Tall oaks from little acorns grow:


The Chief Minister's rising bollards in Castletwon - £150,000


The new school at Bemahague, in Onchan which is going to cost (subject to meeting budget) £13.3 million more than a similar but larger school in the UK


The replacement of the wrong sized lamposts by the Airport - cost unknown


'At Least' £ 2 million per year because the Airport Manager cannot implement commercial work practices out there - over say 5 years - £10 million


The continued non contribution by politicians to their pensions - I am guessing but about £300K p.a. - over 10 years £3 million


The money lost by Treasury on the FOREX arrangements for the runway works at the airport (£4 million?)


sub total £30.45 million


Ones that should be in but I can't quantify:


The lost opportunity costs on monies frittered away

The costs of non-effective consultants employed by the government

Much of what the Douglas Development Corporation has spent

Ditto (I suspect) for the consultants on regeneration of other towns

That bus washing machine that got a mention here recently

The £27 million lent to a private sector, Australian owned gas company which should have borrowed the money from the bank - what interest rate are we getting and how secure is the loan repayment...

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Fritterometer £1564.9M

Assuming the ability to earn 5% per annum on that money we are missing out on £78 million p.a. plus paying more tax than needed...

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I think the overspend at the hospital was about £77million,IE total cost £130million,same hospital Cumbria Infirmary cost £53million,its about the same size and content.

Also the losses at the MEA shops was it £400K,and £182K at the College canteen.

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