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When I was a shelf-stacker working nights, I came up with 'Nocturnal Merchandise Replenishment Operative' for a laugh and while having a moan at the boss, it sort of 'slipped out.' He couldn't keep a straight face and I got my payrise.


Today I saw this...'A Pizza Chauffeur'



I know there are stupid titles in the government, but do you know of any others.

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Wet Sock - Chief Minister


Communications Executive - Head of the post room


Communications Facilitator - fills up the fax machine with A4 paper, fills the photocopier and orders toner.

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Today I saw this...'A Pizza Chauffeur'




Pizza chauffeur what a belter, the job description is even better:


We are looking for people full and part time with a positive attitude and willingness to succeed.


We are looking for anyone with a drivers license to deliver pizza ... on a moped ... in the rain ... who won't moan too much about it ...


If you think that you can be trusted with the safe delivery of our pizzas then we would like to hear from you.


If you can't be trusted to deliver a pizza then you must be completely retarded ... if you are not completely retarded we'd like to hear from you ... can you ride a moped without falling off?


As you will be representing Domino's you'll naturally be courteous and always helpful.


You might have to speak to someone, sometime, about pizza's and stuff, but you'll get a hat so they'll know who you are ...


As you are not only a delivery specialist but also a member of the team you will be involved in various aspects of our store to enable us to meet our customer needs.


Not only do you get to ride a moped around Willaston in the rain but you also might have to take pizza's out of the oven and mop the bogs out.

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