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The Police

Ben Varrey

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My own personal experiences with the police happened, and resulted with quite far reaching consequences!!!!! :angry::(

If i posted what happend it WOULD be deleted!!!

If not by the moderaters, but by the police themselves as some of the activities of the police we could expose, are actually not only illegal but nasty aswell ! :(


Im keeping my experinces to myself thank you, im mearly pointing out that most if not all of us have had very unpleasnt experiences with the police!!!!!!!!!! :(


I think "most if not all of us" might be a bit of an exageration. I suggest that a few police officers may be a bit above their own station, but the majority of them do a cracking job, and to tar all police as corrupt (which is kinda what your insinuating)is bang out of order. I'm kinda guessing from what you are saying and the insinuations you make that you might be from the same bunch that was handing out flyers in the street not so long ago........

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I would say on the other hand that we all have a few tales we could tell about the police and how helpful they have been in our hour of need


In fact some quite heroic and above and beyond the call of duty :)


To actually post these comments on a public forum might actually mean they are actually true and would not need to be deleted


Well yes of course there are instances were we need the police, however if they themselves break the law, they WILL very oftern cover it up if they think they can get away with it!

This is not a abnormailty of incidence, its the normality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


I Dont think either that battering and kicking innocent students with battons and size 12 boots, simply because the students are peacfully protesting/demonstarting, (and quite rightly i may add,) about student fees , can be seen as heroic .!!!!! :angry:


But what i have to say about my own experiences can wait, now is not the time nor the place!!!

An just to add, anything i did say would of course be the truth, why on earth would i say it if it wasnt?

Unfortunatly it seems that some people dont like the truth! :(

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Anyone who does not follow the herd or shy away from danger has had dealings with the police over the years.


I have found policemen (and women) who have gone above and beyond to help; to officers who are jobsworth, power hungry, and dare I say it outright brutish.


There are good and bad within ANY organization, fortunately the good in our local force far outweigh the bad apples.

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Hey dude


the truth would be great, better than sweeping damning general statements accusing all the police of being corrupt and thugs.


I would suggests that the students in those protests were anything but peaceful.


I will also say that if ever you were in trouble, or you have a serious accident the number you call will be 999 and I would suggest that the first person who will come to you aid will be a police officer - and they would (and often do) put their life on the line for you, no matter who you were.


You can slag them off as much as you want just because you probably got on the wrong side of one, like me I hate all traffic wardens because I got a ticket, but at the end of the day the majority of them are good people, who work hard and do a bloody good job.



edit to add - I mean the police do a good job, not those evil traffic wardens ;)

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I would suggests that the students in those protests were anything but peaceful.
But they were not violent against people.


The police have assumed the role of being the first person on the scene at an accident. But the problem is that their role extends to far more than this.

I most certainly could not think of anyone assisting in putting a drug user (for example) in prison as doing a good job - if you are viewing their actions in terms of the betterment of society or doing the right thing, rather the opposite. This one thing is so appalling in how wrongful it is that anyone participating in it is beyond the pale in my opinion. But this is their role.

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- if you are talking about the betterment of society and doing what's I believe to be right/wrong, rather the opposite. This one thing is so appalling in how wrongful it is that anyone participating in it is beyond the pale in my opinion. But this is their role.


Anyone have any idea what this statement means?

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Im sorry perhaps my posts have been mis-understood slighly!

I am NOT slagging off the police as all being corrupt and thugs ect, the majority of the police are good law abiding citizens who have joined the force to help others.


I have made a generlized generlization about the police and the way they can conduct themselves and treat members of the public without knowing the FULL and proper facts!

And this seems to be the normal practice and procedure when it shouldnt be!

Bugging for instance? we all know it goes on yet its illagal in most instances!


There positions of Power can oftern be mis-used and abused ect.


And this is especially evident in certain countries of the world!

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Why are the cops here?


Hello folks - I've been on holiday :)


In answer to the original question - having been a bobby here and across, I think we do a pretty good job to be honest.


As to why the likes of me look in from time to time; this is a public forum, and carries some pretty important viewpoints. People who speak their mind tend to post, and it is worth reading a lot of the stuff to use as a public opinion barometer. Some people accuse the police of being out of touch with the community. Reading forums like these helps counter that.


One other thing - for goodness sake, if you ever believe you have been mistreated by the cops, will you get in touch with the Professional Standards Department here at Headquarters. We need to know. In an organisation this complex we can't all get it right all of the time, and we genuinely want to be better at what we do. Sometimes, a better explanation is all that is needed, other times, a more in depth look and a full investigation.


And part of my job these days is to try and make sure we stop making the same mistakes over and over again. We are trying to be better, but organisationally we need to know where we are going wrong in the first place.



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It's always good to have your presence on the forums Derek.


Regarding the Professional Standards Department, would it not be more appropriate for some matters to be referred to the Police Complaints Commission?

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There may be a few for whom the donning of a uniform automatically induces an increased amount of swagger, and one or two whose impatience does them little credit but, in general, the local force are pretty good and try to do their jobs professionally. I've no complaints and I've noticed that in recent times they've returned to trying to establish a better relationship with cabbies who are, after all, on the streets 24/7.

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