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Alternate Time Line

Ben Varrey

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As you're asking the question, wouldn't it be better to give your thoughts on where / when you would like to be and what your objectives would be. You must have had some idea of you're own desire before asking the question and I think it is only reasonable to express your own thoughts before asking others for theirs.

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I changed my chips to rice, wish I left it as chips, can I have another go and change back to chips?





But you can go back and change it to half chips half rice.


Pint of Lager, Tarka the Otter popadom tala?

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If you could transfer anywhere in time (our time/historical/futuristic/alternate realities/etc), what would you choose and why? What would be your aims and objectives of going there?


With my current time machine buggered I'd travel forward in time to when I came from and demand a refund from Skoda Time Machine Inc

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