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Employment And Advice Sought

Marc & Tricia

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Our CV

We currently live in France and run a successful renewables company - Ecopower

My wife has many years experience in accounting (although not a qualified accountant) and my background is principally in Electrical engineering - RAF and Part P electrical qualified plus a vast amount of experience in Solar technology, heat pumps etc. I am also an accredited Solar Thermal trainer.

We have long wished to live on the Island and understand that we would need a work permit in any event, whether that is to start a new business there or obtain stable employment.

Yes we have chatted to the various Government departments and employment agencies but advice from the "local community" is always welcome.


So, if anyone can advise, recommend or otherwise we would be pleased to hear from you.

This may be the Sword of Damocles but nothing ventured....






The best piece of advice I can give you is ignore 99% of what you read here, and please don't think this forum is a fair representation of island residents. Most people on the island are actually polite and welcoming. And normal.

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How can LDV say a new resident "won't last three years"? What a stupid comment. Not borne out by all of the comeovers who've been here half a lifetime. There are more worse places to live than there are better ones. I must be wrong but I'd understood from his earlier postings that LDV was looking to buy property and move here soon. In view of his comments here that would be strange. Maybe he wants as little competition as possible in the housing market.


I do agree though with the person who said hard times are a coming. Yes indeed they are.


It was me who said that. the reason: they've already moved to France and settled in there, go and read my previous posts.


You may know many who've moved to the Island and stayed; I know many who have moved to the Island and left within a few years or even months.


I also know many Manx-born who have left given a decent job elsewhere.

Yes of course I meant GD4eli. Apologies for that. Clearly LDV has had a more profound effect on me than I thought. But wasn't it you who was thinking of buying property here when the market drops? I wonder why considering you seem to think it is the pits.

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Think id agrea that this forum is not really a fair representaion of the island residents.

You should of seen what the isle of man forums were like in the begining < FULL of nasty internet trolls !!!!!! :(

It was a complete nitemare at once stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angry:

I for one couldnt post a single post without sum troll attacking me!

And theres still sum of those very same trolls on this forum too !!!!!!! :(

Thankfully its melowed down sumwhat, well untill it all kicks off again!


I like it in france tho, they make a lovery red wine! :)


Hope you enjoy the isle of man, its a really nice place to live, dispite me appearing slightly hypocritical due to not living full time on the island anymore!

Its just the good work and help that I offer, along with meeting up with my darling sweetheart, :) led me to a different location!

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If you know the Island, and really want to live and work here, I would say just do it or you may always regret not trying.

Most people like yourself, who really want to live here, have to compromise on employment choice and if you can live with that I'd say pack your bags.


Because .... the Isle of Man is brilliant.


I think that hits the nail firmly on the head - whoever you are and whatever you aspire to.

It's one of the reasons we came to France - we would rather try and fail than spend the rest of our lives wondering what could have been.

As for compromising on employment that was always expected - I've been shot at in the Falklands and Managing Director of more than one company so a fairly wide spectrum of life experiences.

If it means stacking shelves in a supermarket on the Island then so be it - as long as I stack them properly then the boss is happy and so am I. That said I'm not the tallest person in the World so I would probably struggle with the higher shelves.


The best piece of advice I can give you is ignore 99% of what you read here, and please don't think this forum is a fair representation of island residents. Most people on the island are actually polite and welcoming. And normal.


All Forums have an "interesting" mix of contributors - maybe it's what makes them interesting.


Look forward to hearing more.





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