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Is There A God ?


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As John Wright suggested, in response to the hijacked (sorry John) "Christian adoption" thread, here is yet another "Does God exist?" thread :-)


But I suspect it will be a very short life thread.


I bet no more than 5 posts :-)


Edit to add: Should we have a rule of no more than 1 quote per post ?

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Given the content of the Christian Adoption thread, it all depends on what you mean by God. And what you mean by "exist". Sorry to start off with a philosophers response to the question but they are legitimate questions. Perhaps we could have your views?

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No - I can't imagine any feasible reason to believe a supreme being exists, and if it did I don't think it's doing a very good job. However, I suppose anything is possible - pigs can fly (briefly) if kicked out of an aeroplane, and I have plenty of friends who have a faith of one brand or another, and they're generally smarter than me. I envy their belief, but I reckon it's one of those 'you either got it, or you don't got it' situations. I just don't got it.

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If God does exist he must look down on our planet and see what mankind gets up to and probably thinks, "I've given the bastards 170,000 years and look at them! This just isn't working out like I intended. I should have kept on trying with the dinosaurs, they weren't all that bad really".

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Yes of course there is - there's a huge money making industry surrounding the whole God thing, and people regularly kill themselves and others in Gods name. It'd be a bit silly if she was all made up.


Does gravity exist? Yes. Can you see it? No. Can you see it's effect? Yes.


Same for God. You can't see her but you sure as shit can see the effect...


However I don't think God looks like Alanis Morrisette. More Maggie Thatch. Unfortunately.

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Ok. Only two rules.


Number 1: only one quote allowed per reply


Number 2: LDV is not allowed to post until page 5


My reasoning being.. maybe we can agree on a definition of the question by page 4...


Edit to add:


rule 3: Chinahand limited to 100 words per post? everyone else is unlimited:-)

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My first attempt at defining God:


The unknown force that gives us a feeling of what is right, or what is wrong....


That's guilt not God.


Agreed, or upbringing, or personal moral code arrived at in some way, e.g. from a scriptural source.

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