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To Name Or Not To Name?

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All of us who worked with Alex at Manx Radio mourn this tragic and premature death, and have been doing since yesterday morning. He was a popular friend and workmate and will be greatly missed.


Our condolences and thoughts are with his family.

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I'm only conveying how I think Guzzi meant his post to come across, I'm not saying it's right or wrong.

Not pointing any fingers, just seems the general feeling is there should be state-controlled censorship of the media to prevent insensitive reporting, rather than relying on the common sense and professionalism of those involved. I'm not sure I'd like the state to have a greater control over media content, and am surprised this is what Manx Forums wants.

They may not be the cream of the journalism profession, but most of those in Manx media know broadly what they are doing and are sensitive to the needs of the small community they serve. Insensitive reporting will do far more damage than the good brought by being first with the news, and they know that.

It is extremely rare in the Isle of Man for a name to be made public in such circumstances ahead of the police issuing it. In this case, as I understand it, the police had made it clear next of kin had been informed and all that remained was the formal ID, which, as the name suggests, is something of a formality. If the police statement hadn't said next of kin had been informed, I imagine Energy would have left it at that.

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Unfortunately, its a small island and news always travelled fast, which is even quicker these days with the likes of Facebook etc.


Sad, sad loss - Alex and I use to work together in the good old days of Beemanx.com, downstairs in the Bee Media 'engine room' with the other Webi Knights riding the huge Internet bubble before it burst.


Farewell friend - greatly missed. RIP big man.....

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With accidents, I think the media should wait until the police have done their job. Gossip, Facebook etc. will no doubt continue to do what they do, but I know from the experience of a friend that the police do their job very well and very compassionately in these circumstances, and it would be terrible to learn of the death of a loved one through the media.


Confused of Douglas here.


Are we saying it's okay for bereaved families to learn of the death of a loved one from Facebook or this Forum, but not from mainstream media?


I'm certainly not saying that. I just mean't that it is impossible to prevent either gossip or news spreading on Facebook, Twitter etc. However I would hope that most people would use discretion. With the traditional media, it is not a matter of state control, as some people have posted. There's never normally any public interest argument for publishing the name of someone who has died in an accident before the police confirm the identity of the person, even if it is known through "local sources", so I would say that the media should definitely not jump the gun.

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