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Mobile Dj Booking Now For June 2011

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I was die hard vinyl for 15 + years but most tracks don't get a 12" release these days.



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Ha! Ha! Ha! Your setup doesn't look up to much Dave, although I am loving the LED Manx flag, I want one... http://www.nightfeve...m/services.html



I bet those "full range" tandy speakers on stands were built for dustup biggrin.gif

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Having looked at the fabulous pictures on your website Dave of the 'Top' equipment you own I would like to point something out.


Peavey speakers are hardly Industry Standard, in fact, I cannot recall a single professional company that would use them, I know, as

this is the industry I work in. They are a 'cheaper' alternative to the likes of RCF, Martin, JBL the list goes on, and I won’t name them all

as the list of better equipment in front of Peavey is quite a long one and I would not want to bore you. This is not to say there bad, there

just not exactly professional.


Would you like to clarify what make/brand of lights you are using, again I can list the best ones, even the mediocre ones however I reckon I

will not find any of these names on your inventory of equipment.


Also took the time to have a good look through your website, nightfeverpartydj.com or at least tried too, a friendly suggestion would be you try getting the

contacts, terms and conditions page and guest book working, just a thought.


'Neon' all the best in finding work here on the Island, hopefully you get plenty, I have myself a large range of 'PROFESSIONAL' P.A equipment, your more than welcome to

drop me a mail if you ever need a hand. Dave, I am sure your all sorted...


P.S Dave I notice from your photos you use a Laptop, Pot, Kettle, Black.

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Yes, I quite agree Soundcloud is great. I mostly listen to that, spotify and reverbnation, I 'found' some new music on reverbnation I quite liked the other day, then was totally blown away to find the group are from the Isle of Man, and then later, after I had miraculously found another musician I quite liked (also from the IoM) I realised it knew where I was and was showing me local bands, silly old bee.

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WOW...just seen the replies to this thread...


I didn't actually end up bringing my gear back with me in the end....but am now back in England getting a lot DJ work :)



I really think it's quite sad when people say "Laptop DJ's aren't real DJ's"...how is that even remotely the case?!


It's not the skill of picking up a vinyl record or a CD and pressing play that defines a good DJ...or a DJ at all...

Similarly...neither is it the skill of pressing play with your mouse on your laptop that defines being a good DJ...


As far as I'm concerned, It is the skill or being able to:


1. Beat match and flow songs into each other fluidly

2. Make and create new mixes

3. Have an extensive yet acute knowledge of the music you are playing for the audiences that are in front of you...


It's all well and good being a world class DJ that can scratch vinyl and what not...but at the end of the day, if no one is enjoying what you are playing and the general atmosphere that you have created (either at a clubnight, or a party...or whatever..) is one of dissapointment, low energy and a lack of interest...then THAT is what makes you a crap DJ...not the fact that you are triggering songs via a laptop instead of pressing play on a CD deck or placing a record player needle onto a viynl record.


As well as that...I personally don't want to have to carry around a tonne of records and get bad back lugging them back and forth...when I can simply take them all with me on one handy, easy to carry...laptop.

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well said. everyone who played at mannifest rocked it pretty hard using lap tops :-)

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Nice thread all...can't believe I have only now read it. Some interesting points throughout. I am a DJ who like Neon went to Uni. I set up in South Wales, have recently moved back to the Island.


If anyone is looking to book a party and needs a DJ feel free to contact me. Although I have done clubs, mobile discos are my thing. Wedding specialist, however will do any occasion and I also provide fully interactive children's entertainment. http://isleofmandisco.shadowdiscos.co.uk


Neon, if you are coming back to the island at all to DJ in some capacity, it would be good to network and pass work to eachother.

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