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Please Vote Against The "kill The Gays"


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I don't think Spook meant to imply that the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust (at least I hope not). He might have been referring to the fact that Jewish people in Germany tended to group together in particular areas and to restrict their social activities to other Jews. This made them easily cast as "outsiders" by the Nazis and made the job of vilifying them easier. The point may be that if the Jewish people had assimilated more into the general population then Hitler et al would have had a much harder job in persuading Germans to persecute them (or tolerate the persecution).

Although that it most likely the case that still does not mean there was a duty, obligation, or requirement for them to assimilate. And the same with any other group.


Re Uganda I see the point - unless people stay there and put up a fight then things will not get changed.
I understand the point. Yes, it's true that with no gay people there cannot be any campaign from within the country to change the law. But once it does become law the situation for these people is such to make their campaign very dangerous indeed. And it presents the option of denying one's self-expression almost entirely in remaining in the country or living without such repression elsewhere.
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