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The island seems to have a very high percentage of suicides for the size of population. Tragic. I have never heard about it so much in other parts of the world. Does the island do enough to support people who are depressed ? I apreciate the Island is a very easy place to get depressed. A friend of mine who had lived on the island said to me 'Isle of Man..suicides'Seems he was right. A tragedy for those people and their families.

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OK, I'll bite.


If you, or someone you know feels that suicide may be their only option, the Samaritans are available to listen and to offer emotional support.


The Isle of Man branch can be contacted on 663399 or you can drop in for a face to face chat (opening times are in the Courier each week). If you'd rather not speak to someone local, the national number is 08457 909090 or you can email jo@samaritans.org

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If you feel like topping yourself, i've got a better idea - there is a boat in the morning.... :D

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My kind? I assume by that statement that you're not local, so why do you care?


Moreover, it is serious advice to people who are thinking about suicide, take a holiday and enjoy some R&R somewhere where they don't feel the need to commit harrie carry.


Anyway, who says there is a higher suicide rate here?

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But 'get on the boat' is a hilarious thing to say! I am still laughing about it as I type this. :P


Apparently, in 2009, Blackpool has the highest UK rate at 21 per 100,000 and Brighton is second at 18 per 100,000. Must be a coastal thing. Too much gunge from Sellafield.

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