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Dave Hedgehog

Morrissey At The Villa

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^ thanks Declan for taking the time to write a thought-out response.


I suppose it is that thing which comes up from time to time. When artists we know are significant (I am not a fan) do not seem to say or do the right thing. Eg TS Eliot, Evelyn Waugh, Kingsley Amis.


Whatever the reason for his own flag waving, I am sympathetic with his isolated point about patriotism being basically ugly. Even this nouveau reclaimed patriotism which some people seem to be trying to declare.

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I don't doubt that Morrissey's Englishness has that Larkin / kitchen sink drama element to it. It was certainly a part of the appeal of the Smiths in the 80's that they drew on that tradition in contrast to the glossyness of much of their contemporaries.


The problem, Pongo, is whilst Bowie's salute and Soiuxise's swastika were inexcusable flirtations with Nazi imagery, they were flirtations to shock; Moz was more ambiguous in the images he used but it was more like a courtship than a flirtation. And a big part of the problem is that Lonan 3 is wrong, he is intelligent, he is conscious of imagery, he knows how to use language precisely to make a point so that it captures the headlines or write a lyric that connects with millions, yet on race, immigration and nationality he's consistently ambiguous. I think he could clear that up, if he wanted.


He needs a new dictionary though. One that tells him what empirical means.

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