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Pc - Intel Dual-Core, 4Gb Ram, Windows Xp

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Hi, as described I have a PC for sale which I purchased from a chap in Ramsey not long ago. I have been using this PC as a stop-gap until I had 'sensibly' saved enough to purchase pieces for a new machine.


This PC is a Dell XPS 410 / Dimension 9200 and I have been using it predominantly for internet, music/sound production, HD video/sound files and even a few games before it starts to show it's age! This PC is perfect for any home/business user who requires an affordable system that is fit for purpose and built to last and whilst I mention games aren't good, anything pre-2007 plays w/out any issues.


As for HD video/sound I have been using this PC to watch full 1080p films on my 1920 x 1080 27" monitor. Full specs are:


Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 32-bit

Intel Dual Core 2.66GHz


Nvidia 7900GS 256MB


All-in-one card reader

10 x USB ports

5.1 surround sound on-board audio


When I jumped to buy this PC (ironically from manx forums) in March it only had 2GB of RAM of which I paid £150 for the system. Even though I have since changed this to 4GB and have used better RAM to give it an extra kick I am still only looking for £150 albeit no-offers!


Also for sale I have a:


Toshiba 3.5" SATAII HDD enclosure/caddy (no HDD) w/power adapter - £10

Antler corporate widescreen 17" laptop carrier - £15


If anyone is interested please message me here or contact me on 231 230

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Just looking at the specs, is there really only two 3.5" bays? I realise you can adapt 5 1/4 bays but there are only the two standard bays?


Also, double checking, but the mobo seems to be RAID capable, correct?

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hi, yes only two bays but TB's are cheap now-a-days. no room for any more than two HDD's unless you can adapt one of the empty bays as there is a spare SATA power and data connector present.


mobo is RAID compatible.

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bump - PC is still available but now with some extras:


keyboard/mouse/monitor and a 1TB HDD - all the cables you need to get going, a complete out of the box solution.


click on the link in my first post for pics, I am still wanting £150 for this please!

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