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Tonights Sidecar Practise Red Flagged


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You see, its that kind of polarised opinion that makes the "pro" argument substantially weaker. I have plenty to do....most of which is disrupted for the next 2 weeks because of the TT. You think the event passes off in a vacuum...it doesnt. It impacts up on the lives of all the residents of the Island to a lesser or greater degree.


So perhaps a more intelligent level of argument would help strengthen your case.....

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How many more lives must be destroyed before this lunatic carnage is banned?

I recall David Jefferies being interviewed on the start line one TT. He said that every single rider is fully aware of the risks involved and all know that they may be seriously injured or even worse on the course. Not a single person racing off down Bray Hill has been forced to do it - they have decided to do it themselves. That was the year that David Jefferies died at Crosby after crashing.

I take it you have never given a death message to friends, family etc, let alone having to deal with the aftermath, selfish outlook if you ask me.



Not sure about Andrew, but I have done it all an more thanone occasion.I have been on both sidea of it. I agree with Andrew.

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NO But I do know more about the risks involved with road racing than any on here

Although you profess to be a supporter of road racing on the island I don't think any other Manx Forums user does more damage to the cause than you.



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Posters need to be sensitive, I agree. Jumping to quash every mention of this accident I don't agree with. I've had you telling me on here and twitter that this accidnet shouldn't be discussed. I think it can be discussed, but with respect and within the boundaries of what we know.


It's now inevitable that when an accident happens in public that news is going to travel fast, particularly with Twitter spreading the world. You can't suppress that, no matter how many times I see you telling people not to talk about it.


I'm personally very much saddened by what I've heard from this accident and my best wishes go to anyone involved.

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Good grief, we seem to go over the same old arguments time and time again. Why not roll out last years thread and change the title.


We don't know the details as yet of this incident except that it's been announced on BBC that two people were killed. Why not wait until details are released?

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