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Mark Higgins Tt Lap


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Who was the passenger & why was he there? Surely gotta be worth another MPH not having him in there.

The passenger was in on the Thursday. An American journalist I think.


The 'official' lap wasn't until the Friday, think he went solo on that one, as he did on the Monday.

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I can just imagine the effect on the TT if a car driver lost control and went into the crowd like Howarth's bike did a few years ago.


1000 kilos of metal at over 150mph would create some carnage before it stopped. And I doubt Nobles could cope, they were maxed out with the above incident.


The precedent has already been set at the end of Sulby Straight when some nomark ran out of skill long before he ran out of road.




There'd be a hue and cry over safety, possibly to the detriment of the motorcycle races as a whole.


It adds little to the spectacle, there are numerous Manx rallies already offered for cars, and factoring the lap into the TT schedule can cause delays to those wanting to get home from work post racing.


And it sets a dangerous precedent regarding road drivers too. The motorcyclist killed on open roads at The Creg was hit by a Subaru that was being driven irresponsibly.


Jurby is available, that's a perfectly sensible alternative.



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