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Google Earth - Isle Of Man Streetview


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Looks like Streetview is finally coming on-line this week for the Isle of Man. Press release


If you don't have Google Earth you can get it here. Or via Google Maps in a browser.


Rather than clutter up the rest of the forums I thought it would make sense to post any cool links and images here.


Take your tinfoil wearing comments elsewhere ;)

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can we just merge this with the 5* thread rather than have yet another one (or two) ?


That thread's old news. The two started today are about different things - tinfoil hattedness and cool images. What's the harm in having seperate threads? I don't see what the mania is in having everything in once place, take that to it's logical conclusion there'd only be one thread - they're all about life after all.

a) how are they different as they both link to the same gov/lib document ?


b) it just makes the forum like spaghetti with the same discussion repeated ad infinitum in multiple places, but maybe anyone with a mind like a scatterbrain can understand them :D

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What's the third thread? Only two started today? Do you mean the crappy old one about how Google Street View are coming over? So to get to the meat of the thread we have to wade through years of ancient posts about "I've seen a street view car"?

so how many shall we start tomorrow, can I have one called 'streetview howlers' ?


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