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Motherboard Help (For Core I7 Cpu) Socket Lga1155

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Seems there's 3 different chipsets for boards with this socket.

H67 allows use of the CPU's onboard graphics, but no overclocking of cpu, just gpu.

P67 allows overclocking of cpu but no onboard graphics can be used (which the core i7 cpu has)

Z68 allows overclocking of cpu AND gpu


It would look like the Z68 would be best and give the most flexibility but I can't find if it allows you to use the onboard graphics of the CPU, and that's one thing I want. I know most people will recommend a separate graphics card but I don't really want one (can't afford a decent one either), and have no intention of playing games really on this machine.


Anyone able to clarify whether Z68 boards can use the i7's built in graphics features to avoid me buying a gfx card?


Many thanks!

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Hmmm, actually it looks like in general the Z68 will support onboard gfx but not sure how to know for sure. Board I'm looking at getting is this:



Can't see on their product pages but it might be a case of not seeing the wood for the trees!


*edit* Bah - seen via a product compare that it doesn't support it, and indeed (somewhat obviously now!) has not video output sockets, which is a bit of a giveaway now. :rolleyes:

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Thanks - I ended up going for a little future proofing so here's what I got with proceeds of some stuff I flogged (including a lens which went for £110 more than I paid :)):


i7 2600K

8gb DDR3 1333mhz

Crucial C300 Sata3 128gb SSD

Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 (B3)


And I'll transfer other bits over from existing machine as required.


Should be lightning fast for my needs and all the stuff I've read about this C300 SSD is very promising in terms of its performance, being Sata3.

Not doing any gaming, but quite a lot of photoshop so it should perform pleasantly with this little lot, and give me plenty of headroom for overclocking in future or adding a separate gfx card if need be at some point without having to do a new build at all.


Should see me right for a long time hopefully. :)

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Cheers - my old 3ghz pentium D is getting a bit creaky now and it's buckling under the strain of zillions of programs that have been added/removed over the last few years and some relatively heavy image editing at times, so it seemed time to treat myself to a bit of an upgrade.


Nothing to do with seeing the speed my mate's iMac runs at with an i5 in it at all... ;)


I was wondering what kind of supporting mods are necessary to overclock this to a reasonable level, not because I have a need to but out of curiosity in case I find the need in future.

I've only bought the OEM cooler for it for now as it was about £4, but with the intention of hopefully getting something quiet in future once I have time to research stuff like this.


That said, not sure there's a point when it'll have about 4 other sata HDDs in it besides the primary SSD. It'll make a din whatever I do probably.


One question I haven't been sure about is the benefit of decent ram over cheap stuff. I've just bought 8gb of Kingston Value ram for now and I'm sure that would be more than ample for my needs but is there a real benefit to buying much pricier stuff (ie assuming the speed of it is the same)?


Another question (daft one I suspect) is about the cables for Sata3. From what I can see, it looks like Sata3 uses the exact same connectivity as earlier Sata stuff and is backwards compatible, meaning this board that has 4x Sata2 and 2x Sata3 connectors effectively has 6x Sata2 sockets, 2 of which can handle the faster 6gbps traffic with a suitable drive (like my SSD). I thought I'd read the other day that you need better/different cables for Sata3 but I think I must have imagined it now given that it all seems to be the same as the older stuff....?


I'll have to get a nice USB3 storage key as well now that I'll have a machine that can make use of it! :lol:

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Yep you will need a SATA3 cable unfortunately


The stock cooler is fine up to about 4.5Ghz on the 2600K, any higher and you want to be looking at a more advanced cooler like the Prolimatech Megahalems, or the Corsair H70


No changes necessary, simply change the turbo multiplier from 3.8 (3.8ghz) to 45 (4.5ghz) or a more conservative 42


RAM can be a bit of a con, i always stick with DDR3 1600 RAM, as i don't believe there are any real world advantages to having memory any quicker


I believe the CAS latency is more important than the actual speed of the RAM. Better (more expensive!) RAM will allow you to tighten the timings more, but again, unless you'er an avid overclocker, it really won't make a noticable difference


8GB of RAM will be ample too, not much you can't do with that. I've got 16GB in mine and i rarely see that maxed out, and thats when reencoding a Blu Ray, it stores quite a bit of data in RAM


If you are big into video editing and don't want to spend much money, then i recommend 2 of the Samsung Spinpoint 1TB F3's in RAID0


I run 3 of them, and they are stupidly fast. Perfect to use as the drive for doing the editing on, really, really fast.


You can get them dirt cheap too, i think £42 this week!



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Thanks for clarifying all that. Won't be getting any extra discs for a bit as I'm skint now.


Stuff about the memory doesn't surprise me really. These machines are already going to be silly fast so I can't really see that a small incremental increase in speed will amount to a noticeable difference.


Kinda surprised about the sata cable thing though. I seem to recall seeing on Wikipedia that the pinouts were the same for sata3 as sata2 so not sure why a different cable would be needed but maybe it didn't actually have that after all. Presume the new C300 drive will run fine on a sata2 cable (either in a sata2 or sata3 socket) but just not get full speed data transfer?

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Hmmm, having looked into this cabling thing for Sata I'm afraid I'm not convinced there is any need whatsoever for new cables unless the quality of the current ones I have is poor.


All the information I can find suggests that there is absolutely no need at all to replace the sata cables to support sata 3, except that if it's a particularly low quality connection then you might not get the full 6gbps from it.


Interesting thread on it here:



Includes a couple of people doing tests using both Sata2 cables and new cables sold as Sata3 and getting no difference in speed between them. That's not to say it's not possible you can encounter a difference but I think that'll only occur if the current cables are substandard, and that by & large this is mostly marketing given that the people who make the rules and stuff about Sata state that new cables are not necessary generally.

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I need help my leneovo thinkpad yoga1 i don't know what is happening with the laptop whenever i plugged in my screen goes black and blinking for like 30 seconds. If i removed the charger the screen is normal i check on the internet it shows me it's a motherboard issue. Let me know if anyone face this issue thanks.

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