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Why Do We Accept Subsidy For Film Industry

Do the Navan Walk

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Oooh the coral reef of Doolish lake.


Why do the dense public put up with handouts to the film industry both here and the UK.

Constantly accepting persons signing on for extra ordinary benefits and then willing to see them paid royalties for sub standard work for which we paid them to do.


Its madness I tell you, madness!


More peat for the big burner for now.

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DTNW I think that this has been amply explored on another thread. In summary because:

  • it generates £75 million of unquantifiable 'benefits',
  • we "nearly got The King's Speech",
  • it generated an economic benefit of £250 million,
  • it produced £6.3 million of income,
  • there is a nice yacht in Nice,
  • the Treasurer is not sure of the numbers,
  • of a VAT play,
  • we have lots of money to spend,
  • it is better for the taxpayer to suppy funds than a bank,
  • we had a film studio that wasn't being used
  • it's a worthy cause for politicians to support etc...

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